1. D

    Beautiful Longheld Arab Tradition
  2. B

    Beautiful Arab Cultural Pictures

  3. B

    I love Arab chicks

    Learn Arabic - YouTube
  4. B

    Half off sale on Arab sperm

    Any women want to inject Arab sperm in their pussies with a turkey baster? I'm selling some almighty Arab sperm freshly ejaculated from my own cock. Normally I charge $500 per container but I'm having a special where you can buy one for only $250!!! Each container has on average 3 to 5 cumshots...
  5. H

    Arab fucks up White redneck

    Arab muslim man fights a redneck - YouTube oh and the Arab is muslim, which is why the fight started, muslims are prone to violence, Hollywood taught me that.
  6. K

    ARAB jokes! :)

    Q: What do you get if you put 30 arab women in a bomb shelter? A: A full set of teeth! Q: Have you heard of the new Iraqi boy band? A: No kids on the block! Q:How do you get 200 Afghans out of a bingo hall? A: Shout "B-52" Q: What do you do if you see an arab with half a...
  7. W

    What do you think Busterhymen dreams about

    I would make it a pole, but he would say it is to small
  8. bonenator

    North Korea's reaction to the arab spring - informative article

    cool article that informed me of a few dissent groups and information trafficking organizations I wasn't previously aware of.,0 I don't foresee china ever allowing a democracy to be born right on it's border. Even if...
  9. L

    Crazy Arab brings a lion into his living room

    YouTube - Funny!..Crazy Arab Guy Brings Lion to their Home Goddamn...
  10. A

    Arab cars

    Hello I came to you today with excerpts of Arab cars I hope everyone reply if you like the topic YouTube - ‫?????? ????? ????? 2010 ???? A Z E O‬‎ YouTube - ‫??????? ??? ?????.rm‬‎ YouTube - ‫???? ?????? ????? ????? ????? ??? ????? ???????‬&lrm...
  11. H

    Arab man who posed as Jew to seduce woman convicted of rape

    An Israeli man of Arab origin has been convicted of rape after having consensual sex with a woman who had believed him to be a fellow Jew. Sabbar Kashur, 30, was sentenced to 18 months in prison on Monday after the court ruled that he was guilty of rape by deception. According to the...
  12. H

    Saudi Arab King: Israel and Iran should not exist

    Saudi Arabia's King Abdullah probably refrained from expressing at least half this sentiment in his meeting today with President Obama: On June 5, he reportedly told French Defense Minister Hervé Morin that "There are two countries in the world that do not deserve to exist: Iran and Israel."...
  13. J


    An Arab was interviewed at US checkpoint INTERVIEWER: Name please? ARAB: Abdul Aziz INTERVIEWER: Sex? ARAB: 6x a week INTERVIEWER: i mean male or female ARAB: Doesn't matter, sometimes even camel INTERVIEWER: Holy cow! Arab: Yes, cow, and dogs too! INTERVIEWER: Oh dear! ARAB: Deer? No...
  14. H

    Arab Swimming Instructor teaches daughter to swim hes also a waterboarding instructor.
  15. H

    Arab asshole shoots up army base!!!

    YouTube- Surveillance Video Of Fort Hood Shooter Major Nidal Malik Hasan you can see him here with his arab robe before the shooting.
  16. P

    Arab dancing

    YouTube - ‫???? ????‬‎
  17. B

    American Girls VS Arab Girls!

    Amazing joke! Hilarious!
  18. H

    Saudi Arab princess refuses to pay for clothes gets sued LOL
  19. H

    Saudi Arab Shias Declare Independence from the Kingdom

    The Shia minority in Saudi Arabia has declared independence from the Kingdom, creating a country called the "The Republic of Eastern Arabia".