1. N

    art art art art art art art critique~

    hey guise~ well i know there's a thread about this, but it's been dead for a few months. ANYWAY post your artsy fartsy poo~ your fav, and best x sir compulsive over-eater Mr Jimi Hendrix paranoid schizophrenic drownin' ho
  2. H

    art of motion

    back in time - summer days 2011 :awesome:
  3. ironchef

    Trolling is an art:

  4. W

    Interesting body art.

  5. H

    Greatest piece of ART ever been looking for this for over 8years and tonight i found it.
  6. T

    Official starcraft 2 thread ie: Master the art of apm

    so whats your guys average apm on starcraft 2? any tips on how to increase? post all replays and tips here. since we have a fitness thread sticky, it is only fair to sticky this as well.
  7. B

    Salty Bastard - Art for the twisted minds

    I love this guys stuff... He should perhaps lay off the acid though.[/img]
  8. U

    The art of subtlety

    Creep busted trying to film kids at the park - YouTube Do you guys thinl I looked natural ? I dont think anyone noticed me.
  9. H

    Art Thrad

    Not the funniest thread, but I don't give a fuck :bang: POST! William-Adolphe Bouguereau J. M. W. Turner Gustave Doré Jean Delville Henry Fuseli
  10. GHOST

    my folk art guitar

    yeah so i did this for a few reasons. .draws a crowd of confused people close to the stage .no one will be able to pawn it! ....mainly me .so i dont smash it because its custom made. drew pictures using crayons, highlighter, pen, i made a slider holder, guitar strings pouch in the back...
  11. D

  12. S

    Real Life or Art?

    I remember a thread being up about this...but can't remember the title. Oh fucking well.
  13. R

    Mouth Art

    This is awesome :bang:
  14. F

    *very rare and legendary art* (based as hell)

    Super rare pieces of art...hope you guys enjoy it!:)
  15. ix3623

    amateur mixed martial art's greatest knock outs
  16. S

    Do you draw art?

    I would like to share with you guys some art work I've drawn in the last few years. I have never taken an art course, so this is all just raw talent that I have. I should post some pictures that my sister has done as well, because she is even better than I am at it, but she did take a couple...
  17. M


    So, seeing as I am a film student that has to be subjected to awful and fucking weird art (because it's required by the school), I thought I'd share some of far as i'm concerned "conceptual" art can suck my brown hole. seriously, what the fuck is going on here a golden...
  18. D

    look what i STUMBLED upon. YouTube - MUTO a wall-painted animation by BLU
  19. D

    Theory, movie or an art???

    Ive been thinking about a scenario for ages and see what you guys think. Imagine, almost like avatar and star treck crossed with matrix i suppose. There trillions of stars and planets in the universe ( i know the number is enormous, but i'll use trillions), because we havent discovered...