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    I just had most embarrasing sex experience ever.

    Today was my last day at work. Me and a couple of co workers got together at Applebees for some drinks. There was a chick lets say her name is Kirsten the hottest chick wanted to tag along. As were getting hammered, times goes by and everyone one by one had kids to pick up from school or...
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    This Is Embarrasing...

    Hulu - Saturday Night Live: Ke$Ha: "Tik Tok"@@[email protected]@http://www.hulu.com/embed/[email protected]@[email protected]@TM_48FyOdeO1ECGX01Ddww the build up at the beginning had me facepalming
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    What are your embarrasing memeories from school?

    I was just sitting back and thinking about all the fucked up shit that happened in school, thought it would be interesting to hear some of all your embarassing moments. Here are mine -In third grade I watched a episode of south park, and it said "the clittiris, natures rubex cube" I had no...
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    Sorta Embarrasing

    Sup, Today, My granny felt generous and decided to take me to school. So I was like aiight and my name is Corey and she calles me Cookie for like a nickname or sumthing. When we got to the school I got out and theres all these ppl walkin in the school and when I get out she yells "BYEEEEEE...
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    Embarrasing sex experiences

    Dammit......today something really bad happened to me. I was gonna have sex with this chick that came over to my house. Everything was cool, we had very long foreplay, everything was going pretty well. But when the sex time came by, I tried to you know...get it to stand up. So i did and after...
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    Most embarrasing thing you've done when drunk!

    I fucked a sheep :o :(