1. S

    Damn guys, this story breaks my heart. Eyes watered on this one...
  2. E

    Oh you guys are really something else *Shit thread warning*

    You shouldn't have.
  3. R

    Please guys help me out

    +100500 - ????? ????? ??? - YouTube what song sounds at 0:52 don`t mind the other russian stuff.
  4. I

    Is it typical for college guys to be bored?

    Well,i think my college life sucks, im not having fun with people there, Is it normal at all?
  5. M

    How do you guys browse the forum?

    Do you go to each sections separatly? Do you just hang out in certain ones? Personally, I use the "new posts" and check out what's going on there.
  6. M

    Ugly guys who work out

    you gotta feel sorry for them
  7. T

    What you guys living for ?

    Yeah what's the purpose of your actions and the highest goal ?
  8. CaptainWow

    ''UFC fighter'' beats up two guys while recording it

    I'm not sure whether to believe this guy is an actual UFC fighter, but he must be pretty hardcore to beat up two fairly built guys while filming it at the same time. Video: UFC Fighter Beats Up 2 Guys While Recording It From His Cell Phone! "Come At Me Bro"
  9. S

    What U guys do for a living?

    u love your job? Just curious:dbagsmile:
  10. M

    3 guys 1 shovel

    in russia...
  11. B

    black guys fighting in ghetto

    Gorilla Fight - YouTube I liked it when jamal turned to tyrone and punched him in the face. and here's some gorillas 2 Black Guys Fight over a Cheeseburger - YouTube
  12. H

    White Guys Fighting

    South Park Bro Down - YouTube
  13. H

    I love you guys.... we really dont say that enough around here

    I like you people way more than the fags im "friends" with at facebook it might be totally wrong.... but Luther Ingram - If lovin you is wrong i don't wanna be right - YouTube /hippie rant
  14. F

    Guys, I'm not gonig to be posting for a while :(

    Started a new job and I'm going to work nights and I'm trying to get a part time job as well so I can save up for school faster. So that means I won't have time for the forum unless I somehow find time :(. I'LL MISS YOU ALL DEARLY
  15. B

    Why black guys like white girls

    Ask a nigger episode #2: "Why do niggers like white women?" - YouTube
  16. I

    what's up guys

    i have a fucking problem. i can't get as hard as usual. i am disappoint. very disappoint. anyways when i get a boner it doesn't stand up like usual. it sort of limps and isn't as hard. so i'm fucking pissed cuz like two nights ago i couldn't get it up while messing around with my girl but i...
  17. H

    woop woop where the fuck were you guys? woop woop

    talkin bout leaving a man hanging... i was a lonely 450 GoTJ 2011 Walking Around 6 - YouTube
  18. F

    Guys, you all got trolled

    jackblackjack, brian, montana and I are all actually best friends irl. lul trolled lul