1. K

    Ehhhhhhhh liberal joke.......... heh

    Q: What do you when you see a liberal with half a face? A: Stop laughing and reload. :boink:
  2. E

    Wait for it....

  3. E


  4. Greek eats scorpion with vodka! heh

    "Mmmm good. Gnak! gnak! I just ate a scorpion, I just ate a scorpion!" Scorpion and vodka
  5. Skiing Ostrich heh

    Skiing Ostrich Fake? Yes. Funny? Hell yeah. If link doesnt work, go to www.stupidvideos.com
  6. Good cutomer service... heh

    Customer service
  7. K

    heh, you got owned!

    btw, im from Canada. well, first i read this topic about europe vs america and it had this nice fine lady showing her thong and then a fat lady showing her thong. Anyways people were saying that america is better and all that. Anyways someone started a post about people being annoying by using...