1. D

    It seems someone has stolen my avatar and signature

    Don't worry. I'm on the case.
  2. C

    Just testing my signature: Disregard

  3. AndrewRyan

    My LeBron James signature phone only vibrates ...

    ... because it has no ring. :dbagsmile::dbagsmile::dbagsmile:
  4. RayFinkel

    Can someone make me a Signature....

    using MS Paint? If I choose yours, you win a LONG weekend (all expensive's paid) with my sister and 48 of your favorite beers.
  5. S

    Signature Request

    Who wants to make me a sweet signature pic? :wave: What's in it for you, you ask? Absolutely nothing. but i'll give you this:
  6. M

    If you were a serial killer what would your unique signature be?

    I would leave saliva sharpened candy canes next to their bodies.
  7. jeja7676


    I see a lot of people have signatures in their posts... how can I set up mine? I don't see signature settings in my profile. Am I missing something or it just takes some time to get it worked.
  8. C


    This question can probably be solved by searching, but i am lazy. Which is ironic because searching would probably take less effort, so actually I'm not being lazy and that is why I justify this thread. Annnny whoooo why do some people have gifs and or pictures in there signatures, when I...
  9. Z

    Can someone help me out with my signature?

    I've seen people code pictures into their signature, and evidently my coding doesn't work. How can I do it?
  10. W

    Do you agree with my signature?

    Simple question, no flaming please.
  11. Æ

    Rate the Signature Above You: Return?

    Don't know if its the first time this has been done. Anyway, just rate the sig above you.
  12. B

    What the hell is up with people putting V's in their signature

    everywhere i look all i see is ....V in peoples signature,will someone please explain to me what it is??
  13. D

    Signature Pic

    Hi im just wonderin if eBaums form will ever support image signatires because i made one that i would like to use.
  14. P

    Rate the signature below you

    saw this on another site and thought id bring 2 ebaums