1. Bert Nacho is a Nigger

    Cool Game site :boink:
  2. T

    Awesome wwii photo site.. grandparents town/village(cassino) after it was all said and done, and thats why we they came to CND.. nothin to go back to after the war
  3. CaptainWow

    Dale Farm Gypsy Site Evicted Today

    Eviction at Dale Farm travellers site sparks violence - YouTube
  4. S

    post ur pic from this site.
  5. K

    Why does ebaums video site get to use porn and we dont?

    Why are forum members getting banned for posting porn in random sub forums while porn can be seen in the "Related Media" box on ebaums main video site at any given time? If we aren't warned about the foul, sinful pictures on their main money making site, why should we bother with an NSFW...
  6. G

    found a great new porn site their video library is exquisite, way bigger than xvideo's and spankwire. i give it two thumbs up. and the video quality is great too for a free site. enjoy yall:awesome:
  7. R

    Can anyone give some feedback on my site?

    Hey all, I've been a long-time lurker (since maybe 2004 or something), and I finally signed up fairly recently. This site is definitely a lol factory.. Anyways, I just threw together my first website -- it's a PE teaching resource, probably boring for most of you, but I was wondering if...
  8. P

    I can spend hours at this site.
  9. M

    Image Hosting Site that doesn't suck?

    I normally use TinyPic, and occasionally Imageshack. But apparently, some of my gifs exceed their limit. Anyone know a good image upload site that will work with bigger files? I'll delete this thrad when I getz halped. :awesome::awesome:
  10. T

    New sports site needs bloggers Just started up with a couple of friends, even if you don't want to blog its a good place to read articles. email me at [email protected] if you want to be a blogger, if not just sign up for the site. Thanks
  11. 9

    So i click my sports streaming site...!!!

    this is weird.. has this happened to you? so i go to click on my sports streaming site that i have been using for a year + (Esco here gave me the link) and this comes up!? i never had that come up before... any of you guys experience this?
  12. D

    uhh i think im on the wrong site

    what does the user cp mean. i hope the CP doesnt mean what i think it means
  13. G

    good music download site?

    looking for a good music download site for FREE for indivudual songs, i know i can use lime wire but i cant find some shit on there like this song Slim Thug feat. Z-Ro "Gangsta" or Rick Ross Feat. Curren$y, Wiz Khalifa- Super High Remix
  14. Y

    Free site for you to sell/buy items and more

    Free site for you to sell/buy items and more: - Canuk
  15. B

    Good site to watch movies while at work ???

    Sup !!! I don't want to download,just watch it, any good site without tons of malware etc...? Thank you
  16. B

    Not receiving video from eBaum site

    I get a black screen w yellow dots in the center of the video window, but nothing else. iMac 27", dual core Intel, 4gigRAM, Safari 4.0.5, latest Flip4Mac installed, Comcast Cable connection. Help anyone????:awesome:
  17. H

    Whats up with the site going down?

    it was done this morning. and it just went down now for about 5min. whats up with that.
  18. M

    to whoever owns this site

    i dont go to sites like this but i noticed that you all have posted innapropriate pictures of me that i would like to have taken off this site. if you do not comply you will be hearing from my lawyer. thanks
  19. C

    Dating site from hell
  20. P

    CBS rejects ad for Gay Dating site

    dear cbs, My suggestion to a nice compromise. they should have an ad where a mother, standing beside her son, recalls her difficult pregnancy and her doctor’s advice to abort. She ends with, “If I had listened to them, I wouldn’t have my wonderful son.” Then the camera zooms back to a wider...