1. GHOST

    just wanted to talk about anything..

    ...or nothing at all to be honest.... i is are in the right spots yes? k. lets talk about dinosaurs... my favorite is that one thats all like "RAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRRRRRRR! im a fuckING DINOSAUR!!" you know the one thats all like walking all fast and shit. it steals eggs... fuck you...
  2. M

    My manager wants to talk to me

    About new opprtunities for me next year. But I want to quit and start my own business. What should I do? The meeting is tomorrow.
  3. J

    Talk about your E-peen

    Mine got hard for the first time, around 2001, and it just won`t go back anymore. I know there`s bigger than mine, and that why I only show mine when I know I can make a big impression. Its got some girth and I`m never afraid to use it. I`m afraid it will stay hard forever :(
  4. M

    Let's talk about suicide

    I read some where that suicide is not a choice. It's just a reaction that happens when someone who is very troubled experiences more pain than they have the reasources to deal with. Either way I think it takes balls to be able to take your own life. But man, the shit it leaves behind for the...
  5. B

    Girls talk about big cock

    So today I learned that girls talk about big cocks in their spare time. I was having coffee at Starbucks and at one of the tables, 4 tight little college sluts were giggling and talking about how big their boyfriends' cocks are. One of the sluts said, "It felt like he was in my stomach and I...
  6. C

    Controversial things you do believe, but don't talk about to avoid the arguments

    I bluntly copy the thread that took reddit down, I'll go first. 1. I would love to have more than one girlfriend. I'm absolutely capable of pleasuring more than one girl and I've never been outfucked. 2. I believe in population control. Most of the global problems we experience in the world...
  7. E

    Two chatbots talk to one another

    AI vs. AI. Two chatbots talking to each other - YouTube "In a little less then 2 minutes, these 2 computers have lied, became self aware of the fact that they are robots, argued about theism and expressed the need for bodies. We are so fucked."
  8. H

    Why do strangers talk to you?

    so im sitting in the plane aisle seat which i usually like cause the hot airstewerdess pass you and their ass and hip area brush up on my arm and it feels real nice however this time they were really ugly and skinny and their bony asses actually hurt my arm. next to me are a couple sucking...
  9. 1

    My fav talk shows

    i think the picture in the other thread wasnt showing or something
  10. J

    CaNT talk rightnpw

    Im in the club doing th cat daddy YouTube - ‪The Rej3ctz - Cat Daddy (Starring Chris Brown)‬‏
  11. S

    Tom Arnold shanked with shiv on talk show

    YouTube - BEST DAMN SPORTS SHOW FIGHT :awesome:
  12. M

    Girl Talk speaks about groupies and other stuff.

    Don't know if anybody else is into Girl Talk
  13. N

    Poker Talk

    So, yeah... I bought a sailboat. My neighboor, Jerry, remember the stuck up moron that wears nothing but beige and has that annoying tiny dog that barks constantly. Yea, he was getting rid of his boat, he was selling it for 9k, we settled for 5 thousand. I'll show it to you when you come over...
  14. M

    Let's Talk About Mugshots And Leverage

    Hey guys! It's the day after my birthday, and there's this certain 34 year old individual who goes by the username IggyAndroid who constantly pesters me because he found my mugshot from 4 years ago. Granted, it's a very embarrasing picture, but I'm sick of being threatened with faggoty-ass...
  15. B

    How do I talk to Asian chicks?

    So theres this asian chick at my school that i would like to talk to but she prob doesnt know english because she barely talks to people, she just sits alone all quiet and shit, so i would like to talk to her. How would i go about doing that?
  16. L

    Talk show host gets letter thrown at his head

    YouTube - Jeremy Kyle gets an envelope launched at his head
  17. B

    WOW: Lucas and Green Talk Star Wars Comedy Series!!!!!!!!!!

    George Lucas and Robot Chicken's Seth Green & Matthew Senreich discuss the upcoming comedic Star Wars animated series.
  18. D

    Real Talk: I jacked off and cum to this song

    Spitting on my hand and stroking my cock I fumble through my wide range pubes to this sexy song. I am starting to finger my ass too and smell my fingers they smell horrible and I haven't took a bath in 4 days and be all mo smelly! Here's the song niggaz. .
  19. N

    Let's talk about farts

    I love to fart. I really do. I love to feel a fart welling up, and I love strategically choosing when to release that fart and how to release it. Do I raise a leg? Do I ask my wife, "Guess what?" and then cut an absolutely ROTTEN assdrop? Marriage increases the joy of farting by at least 78%...