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    Why do people smack their lips when they talk?

    I take the city bus to and from school in Milwaukee. It takes an hour to travel 10 miles down a stretch of road every time and its always the same. The first 30 minutes are peaceful as most of the people are older. But once we start getting further into the city and pass the high schools, I...
  2. D

    Who wants to talk.

    I'm pretty drunk right now and I've got no one to talk to, so who wants to talk. My AIM is Dannyboykills, no cam or camera, so ladies, you wont be getting teh sexi noods. Seriously though, I'm just drunk and bored.
  3. S

    Barack Obama...all talk Dont blame me I voted for Ron Paul
  4. D

    Don't talk to the police no matter if you're innocent or not...

    I'm sure most of my fellow ebaumsworld posters are law biding citizens, for the most part, but check out this video that explains why you should never talk to the police under any circumstances. This is the only section I post in so that's why I put it here..The video starts with an attorney...
  5. S

    If we could talk to the animals .......

    go here
  6. B

    Talk long need know how to

    So lately I've been way to busy with work that for about the past year I haven't been able to go out to bars or other places and meet women, which I found out a couple days ago turned me into a social retard. I used to be really smooth and relaxed, but now I am just relaxed and quiet. It's like...
  7. H

    Girl won't talk to me

    Long story short, a girl let me borrow a shirt to play basketball during the intramural games last week, and she told me to wash it at home and bring it the enxt day. Instead, I just put the sweaty and smelly shirt in her bag when she wasn't looking before the day ended. Now she won't forgive me :(
  8. B

    First time I've seen the MSM talk about this: Tear down the economy and precept peoples minds to think this is a good thing.... I believe the Amero is inevitable. I mean if the govt's say this is the only think that will fix the economy and...
  9. F

    Know why canadians dont talk about how their money is worth more anymore?

    About 6 months ago, canadians thought it was really cool that their dollar was worth more then the american dollar, and how much better off their economy was. Then making threads about how they are getting screwed because of the exchange rates and that they pay more for the same products...
  10. G

    Let’s talk something about UFO!

    Hello friends, can anyone tell me that what is exactly UFO and what are the stories related to them. I have got some information on them and knowing that would like to know more about them. I have even heard that they had abducted some of the citizens, I am not sure if this is true, but like to...
  11. J

    Sarah Palin needs a talk show!

    She really does. Now I know, initially, it sounds fucking terrible. Like the last thing you'd want. But just think about. It is perfect for everyone! LOVE Sarah? Great. Now you get to see her 5 days weeks. Talking with celebrities, the crazyness of being on the campaign trail, shooting moose...
  12. T

    You guys hear much racist talk about OBAMA... Is he in Danger?

    I am black and kind of a big guy, not bragging but I am sure white people avoid racist remarks or anti obama talk when I am around. In fact, I have only heard racist type stuff when they did not know I was listening. Especially since the election. Mostly I have heard positive talk from white...
  13. A

    Talk To My Humps

    YouTube - Coldplay vs Black Eyed Peas: "Talk To My Humps" -_- I stumbled upon this while Youtubing, and I wanted you all to suffer as much as I did. Just about the only plus of this, is that it reminded me of the Alanis Morisette cover, and she's pretty hot.
  14. A

    Sex Talk with the Human Pedobear!

    I was searching for an old Pedobear compilation, and came across this fucking weird guy talking about age of consent and the many odd possibilities. He seems to really go off into insanity pretty much after 4:40. I can see so many possibilities of chopping this video up. SEX TALK WITH...
  15. Spike Lee

    Talk about stupid.,2933,263146,00.html
  16. T

    microsoft explains '1337' talk lol!! :icon_rofl thats pretty damn funn3h
  17. W

    How to talk someone into, you her, and her friend

    thats right 3 way, fuck davids dating tips Use aim so you can proof what you say before you say it and make her think you care about her liek so. Materials needed a girl thats bisexual and likes you but your not going out with wreslur: hey I didn't get that far with you...
  18. K

    Talk about kicking someone when they're already down...

    wow, hmmmm. i dont have anything else to say, just watch Gang bang
  19. B

    Let's Talk About A Good Band For Once Volume IV: The Rolling Stones

    Fav Ablum: Exile On Main Street Fav Song: Track one on ^ (forget the name) Live: No. Discuss this great band.
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    wow talk about some serious body work!

    a few pictures of a process many may find interesting here