1. J

    Fix one thing break another.....

    Our "Government" is a total fail :facepalm2:
  2. uknowthat1chick

    This thing will give me nightmares! Post things that creep you out. In before pics of me
  3. H

    Saw the MOST Awesome thing on the internet

    Its a vid of a man filming a girl near the woods its all amateur and he tells her to pick up dog shit and suck on it and she does. then he spits on her face. and shoves the dogshit in her pussy. She was really pretty and english (filmed in england) but i think she probably was a motherless...
  4. P

    Post the last thing you bought! - Part 1

    This is a continuation thread, the old thread is 339123
  5. M

    The Strange Thing About The Johnsons

    A Son That Truly Appreciates His Dad. THE STRANGE THING ABOUT THE JOHNSONS - YouTube!
  6. H

    Whats the sickest thing you want to do to your girlfriend/boyfriend?

    I want to stick my cock in her ass and make her call her dad and have a normal conversation with him. what about you?
  7. B

    This is a very common thing occuring in Europe

    Did you know that it's very common for Arab men to shoot their sperm deep inside Swedish/German/Norwegian and other European women? Hehehe. U shook.
  8. J

    A fun thing to do

    Ok guys. Get ready, cos this works if you do it right. Get near somewhere soft eg a sofa or your bed. I accept no liability for injuries/deaths incurred as a result of this information. In doing this you will knock yourself out. You should wake up about two seconds later, with a natural high...
  9. Z

    Failing at the internet is good thing. :-)

    Please google Zeeboe. Enough typed on that end. Anyhow, I am thinking if I was a mega hit on wrestling message boards, I'd probably desire to be like those regulars, and not ever feel like leaving them because it would be the only place I would feel accepted. Next thing ya know, I am actually...
  10. 3

    The Thing (2011)

    Apparently its supposed to be a Prequel to the 1982 movie. The Thing (2011) New Trailer?? Exclusive HD - YouTube
  11. S

    The most pathetic thing I've ever read.'s one thing to joke around in the public forums or in the visitor messages..but I just wanted to bring Epic Fail's death threat that he sent to me via private message to light :lol: Alright mods, ban this worthless piece of shit. Here ya go. I trust death threats in a private fashion...
  12. Chauncy_Prime

    Miami Bass~~The only good thing to come out of Miami.

    I grew up listining to these guys. This the benchmark in Bass. I defy anyone to find better then DJ Magic Mike and TechMaster PEB YouTube - ‪Techmaster P.E.B. - Computer Love‬‏ YouTube - ‪Techmaster P.E.B - Bassgasm‬‏ YouTube - ‪TECHMASTER P.E.B.-ROBOT...
  13. G

    just read the most pathetic thing on facebook

    (its his about me section) this is from some 400 pound kid from my school..... i just kinda feel bad for him he aint to bright
  14. H

    Your favorite thing to cook/eat

    Boneless chuck steaks, usually around 1.5 pounds. I make one usually once a week and make nothing else with it. Just a slab of plate filling cow, sauce that goes with it depends on my mood but usually either A1, Yoshidas teriyake or Sweet Baby Rays. Baked asparagus. Salt, pepper, garlic...
  15. uknowthat1chick

    Odd thing on craigslist

    My man noticed an ad on craigslist stating that their home was being repossessed, and to come to the house and take everything inside and outside for free. We went and checked it out. No one was home. We aren't stupid enough to start loading up the truck, just in case it was a prank or...
  16. S

    If there is one thing I hate...

    It's pussies. You stop us from achieving everything. Your bitch asses begin to cry and then everything gets fucked up because people believe your shit. If you're a pussy then I hope you die... SLOWLY.
  17. N

    The most horrific thing you've ever witnessed.

    Title thread speaks for itself. What is the most horrific thing you've ever witnessed in real life? Not videos. Such as violence or accidents. How did it make you feel? I did perform a search to see if a thrad like this was ever made, nothing came up, so excuse me if it has.
  18. S

    What's the most disgusting thing you love to eat?

    Besides dick. Anyways, I love Mussels. And frog legs
  19. R

    Most awkward thing you've ever heard in a public place

    title is pretty self-explanatory. a week ago at work i overheard something pretty good (or bad?) i work at an overstock grocery store or whatever... we get extra merchandise that companies sell to us. this married couple was walking down my aisle, looking through their list. apparently they...
  20. H

    only thing were missing.....

    is robroy..... so someone wake his ass up!!! id totally bang his tender butthole, even if you think its "gay" YouTube - The Partridge Family - I Think I Love You (HQ w/timed lyrics)