A couple cool firefox ext's

Found these while browsing this morning, thought I would share.

Go here

and grab the allow right click......allows you to bypass alot of pages that dont allow right clicking to save images or copy/paste info.

Then the really cool one is a few down from that one.....grab Bug me not

basically it is a website that has username/passwords for something like 80,000 free registration websites....like new york times and the such. With the extension all you need do is right click in the username feild of whatever website and choose bugmenot....it then fills in a valid username and password....no more filling in all your info just to read a story or browse a site.

Bug me Not also works with IE only its a bit more convoluted.....from IE copy the website you want a loggin for like www.newyorktimes.com then open a new browser window and go to bugmenot.com then paste the website in. it will give you a username and password for whatever site you needed...then copy and paste this info back to the original site....make sure to choose remember me on the website if available so you wont have to do it again


Pretty cool stuff

edit: interestingly enough they have info for this forum also....though the first attempt failed...the second logged in but didn't have posting rights....didn't try again after that
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