Backpack Rappers



Either taken as an offensive term, or a proud to be image, backpack rapper is interesting and something that I've been looking into recently.

Backpack-Rapper (n.) An emcee who limits his focus to non-violent, non-sexist, non-material, non-threatening, politically-correct, college, freestyle hip-hop only.

Now I've always been one to talk about anything and everything, or mostly nothing :D, but to say "backpack" rappers are people who aren't "cool" enough, is kind of ignorant..

BENZINO (aka Beans) Lyrics:
No one would care about your complicated rhyme style
Another backpack rapper out of style
Don't let me have to backslap your mom's if you smile

Others saying that backpack rappers are nerdy..I just don't get it. Just because they aren't gangters, is that something that shouldn't be brought up and put out today? I like all styles, and all types of things - hip hop and rap..especially ones that are fresh and intelligent..

Anyways, whats your thought on "Backpack Rappers"?...To me it's just another way, and so be it. If you have any more information or things to say please do so..
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Well all popular rap artists are hard and thats what makes them loved around the world. I went on a tupac site and there was a poll about what you liked the most about Tupac. about 68 percent was his attitude. followed by his songs which were 19 percent. Then there were about 2 other things that were 4 and 9 percent. Send me the lyrics of a "backpack" rap song cause i seriosuly wanna see what they talk about if they cant talk about anything that you said. I havent even heard a "backpack" rap song.
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Actually MaK, I don't really know of any backpack rappers, but I've heard that Kayne West was one so thats it. I'm still trying to get down if its the backpack they wear or the style they use or

Titles are so confusing..I would just like to know more about it though. I'd like to see what Deltron has to say about this


Hmmm, I've never heard of the term "backpack rapper", but it doesn't seem like it should be considered a bad thing. I haven't really listened to Kanye West much so I don't really notice what's so different about his style. Just sounds like rappers who are focusing on different styles maybe. Backpack rappers may not attract the teenyboppers who only like the big bass/mtv worthy artists.

Seems interesting, maybe I'll look into some "backpack" artists and see what their style is like. I'll post back and say what I think.


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Wow, I've never heard of that. To me, it sounds sort of dumb. The reason it sounds dumb is because a tough attitude is one of the things that makes the rap style cool. Then again, It is also cool to do something that is a little different like backpack-rapping. You can still be talented and famous without having to sing about sex, drugs, and killings.

Disconnect This

Em is a true backpack rapper in that case.

cept for the non violet, non material and non threatning part ;)


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Jurassic 5 is kinda like that...They don't swear much, and don't talk about fuckin at all (That I've heard.)


Is Kanye West seriously a backpack rapper? shit i didnt know, he talks a bit about sex though. I like the song slow jamz, its got a madd beat.


MaKaVeLi said:
Is Kanye West seriously a backpack rapper? shit i didnt know, he talks a bit about sex though. I like the song slow jamz, its got a madd beat.
I'm not sure if he is called backpack rapper because of that or because of the actual backpack that he wears. I mean I like to wear bags and all but I rap about all kinds of shit you know?


what you mean by all kinds of shit? i know 2 ways of rapping. a hard on rap (Dissing people) or a soft rap (My soft side). but on both types of raps, i swear. what kind of rapping is backpack rap? is it like......talking about the problems in the world....or what?


I have no clue. Maybe someone is making up a slang term for different style rap. To me it's all hiphop, I like alot of the underground artists who don't rely on swearing or violence to gain attention, but I doubt they're considered "backpack rapper". We may never know...


MaKaVeLi said:
what you mean by all kinds of shit?
Well basically a hard side and a good side like you said, but with details on different shit I see, problems, stories that I have came up with to stimulate your mind, and just everything I can think of to get you to listen.. :D I will write anything down and record it, thats how I am, unlike people with one style and personality, you know what I mean? That's pretty much what I mean by all kinds of shit..

As for the backpack rappers, Yeah like you said Deltron we may never know, I could care less, although I wanted to know if anyone knew the exact meaning to this..When it comes down to it, It doesn't matter..Long live rap.


aww yeh i can do that kind of music too. here, i'll copy and paste the song i made up in the battle bar thread. Maybe bakpack rappers talk about real life and real problems. Like poverty, war etc. But we'll never be sure.

My Crib
where i used to live
my house, filled with 5 kids no husband jus a spouse
the least of our problems at this moment was the mouse inside the wall behind the couch
fightin and fussin
too many people cussin
back and forth mother was rushin
tryin to keep the kids future pushin
dad dissapeared, sat around and did nuffin
knowin that mom was strugglin
picture hung on wall
beneath it was a hole
a furry cushion placed in the corner room
at the end of the hall is the livin room door
made sure to wear socks cos no carpet made a cold floor
yeah, so poor that we couldnt even afford floorboards
be sure not to eat to much food or there'll be none left for the other 4
pass the television and go straight through to the kitchen
leave mom and dad in the livin room bitchin
thinkin, 'motherfucker better watch what hes puttin his fist in'
nothin we could do, we were only children
was too young to understand
but when i hit 16
i beleeved
its a good thing that he did leave when he did leave
cos if i had my way he would be deceased
i would be relieved to see him not bein able to breathe
or locked up for life never to be released
mama got a new man
more my real dad than that other man
now he hates it to see us as a happy family
hates it to see me goin through college and university
not even a card sent for christmas or birthday.