Bird getting ran over by motorbike!! ROADKILL!!


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Oct 22, 2003
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HAHA! I ran over a seagull Friday with the Brush Truck. I was responding to a brush fire right before the hurricane. I turned right on this road and started to speed up. Our brush truck is a 2005 Chevy, raised up with 35" tires. I saw the bird walking in the road and figured he would fly as they always do. Well he never took off and I ran over him with the drivers side tires.

The driver of the fire truck responding to the scene saw the bird and made a comment to the Captain that they should take it back and cook it for the hurricane meal. When I told him later on scene I had run over a seagull, they cracked up as they saw it laying there on the way in.



Watch the birdy get splatted!! I've bumped it up cos people where putting it down the line with shitty reposts of clips that were on 2 days ago.