Bus Rides

Apr 22, 2004
Brokedown Palace
Ughhh... bus rides really suck. Especially when there are so many little kids and they are all screaming at the top of their longs in their high pitched annoying voices. But the worst part is that there is the kid on my bus who is constantly insulting the USA. I don't care what he thinks of the USA, as long as he doesn't scream it out loud. And another thing, the damn buses have so much fumes it gives me a headache. I don't even think they make the minimum requirements for pollution laws... it's absolutely sick... :@ Does anyone else no what i'm talking about???
Public transit blows ass in Vegas. I had to take it for a couple of weeks when my '89 plymouth reliant broke down (imagine the irony I felt when I was telling the towing company my reliant broke down.) Anyways, there are some of the craziest people in the world on that bus. There was this bum who carried a bucket of his own waste with him. Not to mention the many, many, many bums who were talking/screaming to themselves/imaginary friends.

Dude Kaboom

Busses are the best, how could you not like them? Girls and no seatbelt to wear. No driving to do, just sit back and relax. Bring your discman or whatever and watch the scenery. I like trains alot too
Apr 1, 2004
school buses suck majorly. city buses and stuff can be fun, unless you have the annoying drunk spitting in your face. Or if you are with your grandmother and those 17 years old are saying fuck 10 times in every sentence. that sucks, just like school buses. but other than that-buses are pretty cool.


i go to university in calgary alberta (thats in canada if you don't know :p )
and i take the bus for 20 minutes and the train for 40
somedays i love it... people watching
catching a dude knuckle deep in his nasal passage or some chick looking down checking out her own tits
but then you get the smellies and the people that talk really loud on the cell phones
or stupid fucking teenagers that need to grow up
its entertaining

The Disrupter

Been a while since I've been on a bus. All the buses around here are powered by natural gas, so there isn't much "fumage." But I do see school buses now and then, and I think they haven't yet switched to natural gas.


Resident Timothy Leary
Jan 26, 2004
Strawberry Fields
I am a freshman in highschool, and luckily the kid down the street is a senior. I took the bus once this whole year, and I don't regret any of it. I never liked the bus, it always gave me a headache, or make me sick. And the bus drivers are always so mean!


Feb 24, 2004
Philly PA
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Buses and subways are great. Most of the times I'd rather just get a ride but there is almost always some amusing shit to be seen on public transportation. Gotta love crazy people


My friend once got kicked off school buses for life because he purposly farted on the bus driver as he was getting off. befoe that happened we somehow figured out the phone number to the bus and kept calling it to harass whoever was driving by calling him a faggot or whatever. we had lots of fun on the bus......
Christ Anjroo, where In jersey are you not getting bussing? You must be from the South or from the Newark/Jersey City Area.


~ Circumcise me Cap'n ~
Mar 2, 2004
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Since you guys mentioned fumes, that word reminds me of something............one time when I was waiting in the lunch line to get food, this kid ended up being in line next to me. (The lines at my school are always crowded.) Well, turns out that kid has a major zit problem. It was gross, he had all kinds of zits, small ones everywhere, big white tipped ones, black heads, cyst looking ones, oh man it was just gross. Another thing is that his face was getting really close to mine. I could seriously feel his zit fumes and it felt all hot and nasty. I swear, If I had waited in line any longer next to him I would have gotten huge zits on that side of my face from his zit fumes.


when i was in high school there was a bunch of kindergardens in the bus there must of been 40 and they were all yelling at the top of there lungs then there teacher was yelling tice as lowed trying to stop them from yelling and I just finished 2 exams and i was eratble!!! hate kids like that