California Wildfires


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Mar 2, 2004
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I live in southern california and there have been a lot of wildfires in the Inland Empire area. Mostly near Temecula. The smoke cloud there is huge and the fire is very close to my sisters house. There is sooooo much ash floating around, even getting to my school. It is gross to breathe that shit. In P.E. class we aren't doing any sports outside, the P.E. classes go into the gym so that the people don't breathe so much ashes. Many of you have probably heard about these fires. Its kind of scary because the fire is out of control.
Fossil said:
The great spirit is once again punishing the local Indians for operating their dens of ill repute.
WTF???? :confused:

I know that's scary, Vigid. I live on the beach in Florida but there are hundreds of acres of woods behind my house. I came over the bridge one day and saw nothing but flames for miles. I had to water down my roof to keep the embers from burning it. It scared me so bad. At least there are so many dedicated Firefighters that we can be thankful for. God bless 'em!

I heard from the Fire Department here that the last time there was a bad fire in Cally, they found a charred body of a diver in the woods. The investigation revealed the helicopter picked him up out of the ocean when they were getting water to stop the fire. That was horrible!!! Good God, poor guy didn't know what was happening!

Let's hope those little firebugs, like Disconnect said (and was right!) don't get away with it. I am with ya, bud!