Changes incoming


Aug 18, 2016
Under your bed
It's been nearly a year since I got tied up in personal offline stuff and another project. I've sadly neglected Emuse since minus doing the security updates behind the scenes.

Today I'm hoping this changes, I'll still be away but I've brought in a new admin who will hopefully bring this community back up to scratch. I promised not to close it and I'll keep my word. This new admin will also be bringing in his own personal staff so hopefully this will good.

This new admin won't be the owner, I'll still be in charge just behind the scenes. Not much will change minus new sections and a rebrand and update of the back end here. (We all know you love that backend fun :p)

I'll be doing this over the next few weeks and the new admin will start posting when they can.

Anyway, as always any issues please PM me as I don't visit enough.

Hope you're all good, least those that visit?