Clifford's Big Movie (or some shit like that)



took my nephew to see this travesty of animation yesterday...and I don't think he even liked the movie

blech...blech...blech...and a dog eating its own vomit is what I rate it.

the crowd that was in the theatre when I went to watch it comprised of a grandma and two little kids...a middle aged woman (unattractive) and three little kids...a young couple and a little kid...some lady that actually took her kids home before the movie one I could've chatted with to pass the time...I give the crowd a thumbs down, too

then, I get home and was informed by my sister and bro in law that I didn't have to pay for my nephew's movie ticket...double blech...

but, it was a fun day spent with the, the day gets a thumbs up.


Whew, I was about to go and see that too.

Thanks for saving me money Kanism :D


I saw it, but for some reason was arrested while watching it for public indecency.