Come on guys... it's getting old....



here are some excerpts...

Tremorz66: sup faggot
P sHeddY 05: hi
Tremorz66: hey can i tell you something
Tremorz66: is that ok
P sHeddY 05: sure
Tremorz66: your website fucking sucks, i hope you fucking kill yourself in real life, and you better take a fukcing picture so i can see what you look like after
Tremorz66: faggot
P sHeddY 05: thank you!

Tremorz66: fuck you you stupid faggot
Tremorz66: are you fuckign retarded
P sHeddY 05: lmao ok
Tremorz66: you are the biggest retard ever
P sHeddY 05: i am a little bit
Tremorz66: just kill yourself right now
P sHeddY 05: I know!
P sHeddY 05: i should
Tremorz66: take a fucking rusty zipper
P sHeddY 05: yeah?
Tremorz66: put your millimeter clit in it, and pull up really fukcing hard
P sHeddY 05: ok
P sHeddY 05: thank you
Tremorz66: wow are you fucking retarded

Tremorz66: i hope you know you wasted a good 6 months of your life making those few minutes of video
Tremorz66: that is the gayest shit i have ever seen in my fucking life
Tremorz66: haha fag
P sHeddY 05: if it took me 6 months i wouldnt have made them in the first place.
P sHeddY 05: the dot com has been up 4 months
P sHeddY 05: and I have 15+ videos
P sHeddY 05: it just doesnt even out man!!!!!! it doesnt!!!!!!
Tremorz66: damn, you really are a faggot arent you

This is fun. I just told him I loved him. But yeah... I keep getting these kinda IMs.... I get much more nice ones from people saying they like me.... but I get these ones too... so, stop it! :)

Big D

Yeah...I love it
I agree...that was really unecessary. If he's so concerned about how much time you wasted, why's he wasting time bugging you? Glad to here you get more positve feedback than idiots like this. Not to say negative criticism isn't welcome, because if you are truly an artist, you really hope someone can find a flaw so you can fix it...just doesn't need to be done in such a confrontational way.


8 year olds, Dude.
Mar 9, 2003
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PSheddy, if it's any consolation, I like your website.

And I like your avi Big D!


Goodbye, Mr Wind-up Bird
Mar 27, 2003
hmm the thing i'd do with a guy like that would be to BLOCK HIM

Dude Kaboom

I've always thought of situations like this way very much similar to a turtle. If you never stick your neck out it won't get cut. Unless you're a ninja turtle


I don't block people, i think that's stupid. I just laugh people like that off, it's funny. Have the time i was like... I love you! Because arguing on the internet is like the special olympics...


holy shit. I'd love to have a website that pisses so much people off. I always find it funny when people try to attack you through the net. But if you dont like it, your only option is to block em.

Bad Boy

haha, yeah, I hate idiots like that who think that you actually give a shit :p
I don't know why so many ppl hate you man... I don't understand... your videos are cool.... especially the "fuck you" one


PAul....why do you continue to run your site, it sucks, please take it down :p


Dec 1, 2002
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psheddy said:
here are some excerpts...

This is fun. I just told him I loved him. But yeah... I keep getting these kinda IMs.... I get much more nice ones from people saying they like me.... but I get these ones too... so, stop it! :)
Something tells me this thread is only going to make it worse.


The Freakin Rican
Feb 3, 2004
This is the first time I have seen your sight. I think its great! Screw the idiots, if they think they can do better, let them prove it.
Tremorz66: are you fuckign retarded - beheheh somehow i found that quite funny :D

i think we have learned today that Tremorz66 is a stupid annoying fuckhole. what a douche. :rolleyes:
Apr 22, 2004
Brokedown Palace
Those are the kinda people who have nuthin better to do with their lives, so they insult people... just ignore em.


marshalldylan10 said:
I think the person on aim might be you!
no, sadly its not, my AIM sn is Royal Anarch1st....paul knows this, i'm pauls friend....thats why i put the :p face after it


I guess you're my friend.... :p