Cute Baby Picture Thread



Why do people think babies are so cute? They look like miniature ogres to me. Small mammals are cuter.
Feb 27, 2006
Are you kidding? Of all the babies in the entire class of mammalia, humans are the most hideous. Sometimes when I look at baby humans I feel sick inside.
Mar 29, 2004
What a shame, what started out as a thread that might be kind of a "nice" thread turned into a shitfest pretty fast.

I personally think that you shouldn't make fun of other people's children. I mean while it's true that these babies have probably gotten more love than any of you fuckers ever will in your entire life, you shouldn't take that out on them.

And I know 99% of you who see my name at the end of this post expect me to post a shitload of pics. Well, I'm not opening my kids up to that kind of harrassment. You all know how to click on a link if you want to see them that badly.