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Hmmm, I am very easily amused. And I actually do not get offended often. I like jokes, I often take jokes well, life is a joke isn't it?

"Don't watch this If you get easily offended."

I don't understand who the fuck wouldn't get offended? Maybe it's just me, but it was pretty disturbing, pretty damn disgusting. It made me smile at first, I thought it was going to be funny. But everything about this one was wrong. I'm sure many could agree with me. And I don't mind people telling me to fuck off if I can't handle it. Fine with me. My friend thought it was the funniest thing he's ever seen. It's opinion, but I told him to watch it again and tell me that it is NOT disturbing and disgusting. Anyways, this is the comments section. Just commenting on that animation. It was pointless and just sick. Makes me think twice about things.


I found it quite amusing :)
I can understand why some people think it's disgusting, but how is it offending?


i agree w/ #2. it is disgusting, and i can see some of the points that one hate mail makes, but really, it has signs not to watch it

1#: the discription,

2#: the name,

3#: pretty much every second of it

I mean, if u dont like it, thats wat the back buttons 4 ppl :D :D :D

oh, and by the way,
Hookt on fonics workt fer me


I thought it was amusing and kind of disturbing but i can see how people found it offensive. It could offend blacks because it had Martian Luther King dancing aroung a KKK meeting and could offend jews because it flashed swasticas on some of the people's foreheads. I have nothing against jews or blacks but I didnt really take it seriously.


The video a while back tha has just about every racial steriotype you can think of, plus some other stuff that the author put in just to piss people off.