ebaum is ugly



BUcktet head sucks. Slash owns his ass. Axel sucks these days too. I hate guns n roses now. Thats why im touring with velvet revolver.


Ebaum likes to be very misterious. he wouldn't reveal even hints about his real name or appearance.


Madness said:
I wouldn't mind a hit of ebaum.

Hmm, doesn't sound right.
It problay dosent sound right because youv probaly have been going on ebaums world fo so long the name ebaum is a famerler name. problay if you dident know what ebaum was it could sound like a drug.
But one question y do all of u want to know who ebaum is? for me its like this picture http://ebaumsworld.com/forum/attachment.php?attachmentid=13828&stc=1
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anjroo11688 said:
The only "edivence" of what could lead to what eBaum looks like is this.... Click it
that comic was prolly just drawn from the picture in his family albums i dont know how to put links so just look for it

The Disrupter

tourettes said:
Ebaum likes to be very misterious. he wouldn't reveal even hints about his real name or appearance.
Ebaum has posted his name on his site. Check the press releases section on the main page. I doubt he has anything to hide. ...


Buckethead_GNR said:
who the fuck are velvet revolver?
Wow man. I guess you have no clue who guns n roses are then. I sugest you do some research on velvet revolver. But since i know your a lazy ass 10 year old, whos goin through a guns n roses phase, wich will end in a day or so, Velvet Revolver is a band, with some members of the original group guns n roses, maybe youve heard of them. They have some guitarest named Slash, a bassist named Duff, a drummer by the name of matt sorum, and some other guys, but your too young to know them. Im sure none of those names ring a bell in your head. You must eather A. Be really retarted , B. Have been living under a rock for the past year or so, C. Have no brains in bands/music, D. Have no circulation through your brain since you have a bucket on your head, or E. All of the above.

poor kid :(
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