Emo: Music or Screaming?



Personally, whenever i hear emo i get angry and feal like breaking stuff. To me, emo is nothing more than screaming with a backgound band but i would like to get your opionion on this genre of...music.


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Depends what kind of Emo you are talking about. There is good Emo, and bad Emo, just like all genre's of music. Good Emo includes: The Get Up Kids, old Saves the Day, The December Drive-In, Jawbreaker, Sunny Day Real Estate, etc. Many more bands but I have a limited collection of Emo (lost alot of CDs).

Then there is what people like to call "Corporate Emo," or "Popular-Emo," basically what Pop-Punk did to Punk. This music includes Dashboard Confessional, Something Corporate, the new Thursday CD, Yellowcard...etc.

Most Emo kids do not accept Corporate Emo and tend to shun it, and rightfully so. I cannot stand Dashboard, Yellowcard, or any Corporate Emo, except for Konstantine by Something Corporate, which isn't too bad.

It all depends on your personal preferences...


Emu is for llamas !


what i think about emo is that there are some real bad songs liek i hate the slow songs with the accoustic thats were they start like crying in the mic no joke but brand new and taking back sunday are good man ive posted that line a million times on this board
Apr 21, 2003
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All emo is the same. I can't tell one song from another, but that's probably because I hate it and stay away from it as much as possible.


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Mar 2, 2004
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Emo = Weaklings that are depressed, screaming in high pitched voices, singing about their girlfriend that left them.


EMO IS NOT JUST SONGS ABOUT YOUR GIRLFRIEND LEAVING YOU!!!! FUCKIN CHRIST. There are emo songs about loving girls...the all american rejects, most of their songs are about them leaving girls, so not all emo is depressed weaklings with high pitched voiced......


emo music

i havent heard much emo but from what ive heard id say its ok. i dont think its all screaming, it also can have a softer more depressing melody. some emo bands that i can stand are alkaline trio, hot water music, and the get up kids. overall id say that id pick a few other kinds of music over emo but i will still listen to it on occasion.


It is music but in some cases can be just screaming, that for the first time you hear you don't even know what the words are. Emo has quite a wide variety of different types, I must say some of it is fucking amazing... But some of it be very shite


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Oct 29, 2003
I hate EMO, the only time i ever tolerate it is to get to the empty bar in the EMO room in my local rawkclub, there is the grand total of about 10 people in that rooom at anyone time. EMO sucks, i'm sure there must be one band that doesn't suck so bad but when i listen to the songs they play in that room they are all the same, in fact exactly the same.


Emo isn't bad. Yellowcard, Story of The Year, Sugarcult, GOB, none of those are bad. And what are you talking about "Emo is full of screaming"? It's not. The only Emo band I know of that does that is SOTY. And what's wrong with screaming anyway?


This prbly isnt the last time ill say this..this time ill keep it short...coheed and cambria is a bad as band...not some weakly pussy singer...pure talent...good shit...not until a week ago did i know that there were ppl who called themselves emo...i knew the music cause i listen to it...but apparently its a fashion statement and a click...whatever...it is great music in small doses...go to the cohheed site...dload some mp3's and check it out for yourself...really give it a shot...then comment...i suggest devil in jersey city


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Jul 30, 2003
the all american rejects, most of their songs are about them leaving girls
Do they sing about much else?


lol llama, if u think they scream a lot, just listen to one of my fave bands cannibal corpse


Emo is for failures


Kuliminati said:
Emo is for failures

look at me skatedawg1988...i put down emo bands by calling them failures...yeah im a hard ass punkrocker man...and i can ollie higher than you can...woopty fuckn do...grow up dumbshit...and try to reply with a lengthier and more inteligent statements in the future...ok..good


Well I'm sorry I got your damn underwear in a bunch, but look you don't have to get all angry about the subject. And I'm happy for you if you skate, good shit, and congratualtions if you can tweak your ollies higher. I don't care if you are a punk rocker, good for you, good that you express yourself however you want, but I simply said what was on my mind, so please stop tripping over something that stupid.