Emuse 2.0 plans


Aug 18, 2016
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As you may have seen in my last thread (https://www.emuseforum.com/threads/changes-incoming.385479/) I no longer have time to be fully dedicated to Emuse and it super sucks as I feel I'm betraying users.

I've brought in new staff who will hopefully be active once these plans are in motion. I'll be going over some of them now.

The ultimate goal of "Emuse 2.0" is to escape the foundings to Ebaum's, we're not them and never will be again.

With that, we'll be rebranding the site with a new name, along with upgrading to XenForo 2.0 once it's stable. We'll sadly have a new look but this isn't a major issue I don't think.

This will take a month or so to get planned maybe a little longer. Styles are purchased already just the database needs reworking to upgrade.

We plan to add a new system like Skype which will allow group calls/text/video chat without the lag/security issues which TinyChat/Skype brings. The old group will be left, just the new one will be offered instead of the onsite chat making us more social.

For now things will remain as is here, but once the plan's in full motion we'll have to take the site down for a day or so depending how long the upgrade takes. We'll try and open it sooner if we can.

If anyone has any questions please feel free to ask now. (I won't suck your dicks sorry :cry:)

And a reminder, While I'll carry on funding/securing this site I'll be taking a lesser roll letting the new staff run things. I won't have the time to dedicate my full time here, but with this new chat system I'll be around more there as it's something I use myself daily.


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Aug 7, 2010
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