Entrance music (read for more info)



I am doing a contest for my school, kind of like Ms. America, but for dudes and at the school level.

I need a song to walk into with my escort. So far the best song I have is "Hell's Bells" by AC-DC, the ringing bells are cool, but it takes forever to get into the song.

So what you all know about me from posting what songs could you recommend that would be nice for walking on stage?

I wanted something drug related, but not really obviously drug related, so I could get away with playing it. But please, recommend any song you think would be good for me.

Thanks :D


Perfect Drug - NIN
Lit Up - BuckCherry
Feeding the Addiction - Suicidal Tendencies
Not An Addict - Kaye's Choice
White Line - various versions of it
White Horse - dunno


Riley said:
Eric Clapton. Thanks Z. :)

Casey Jones by The Dead, or Cocaine by Clapton.

I need discret drug music, or anyother song that is cool. I want to walk during graduation.


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Mar 9, 2003
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Riley said:
Cocaine by ummm shit I forgot who sang it.
Eric Clapton.

And Mad...It's Called Space Cowboy.

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Play "I Am The Black Wizards" by Emperor. As soon as the first scream starts, charge out and tackle some random person. That'll get you some attention.