Football PLayer with no Legs


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Aug 14, 2004
O-Town Florida

At 3-feet, 112 pounds, Martin is a backup varsity noseguard and plays on the punt and kickoff coverage teams for Dayton's Colonel White High.

Martin was born without legs but doesn’t wear prosthetics because he has no thighs to which to affix them.

A senior at Dayton's Colonel White High, Martin gets around school on a wider-than-normal skateboard and hops up stairs faster than most students can walk them.

"I love the reaction people have when I make a tackle," says Martin, "like it’s impossible for me do it. I prove them wrong."

Martin can bench press 215 pounds and is considering going out for the track team as a shot putter.

As an eighth grader, Martin finished second in the city wrestling tournament. Here he sings "I have no legs, I have no legs... I have no legs" A reference to a Larry Clark film of "Kids"
Jun 1, 2004
I have heard stories of football players who lack brains but never legs. That reminds me of the time I saw a leg less guy skateboarding down in seattle

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Apr 9, 2005
Ace187_13 said:
Here's a link , no pics but does verify some of the info posted with the pics. Hope this helps!
Well fuck me with the pointy end of a Viking long-boat! :eek:

I hope it's not in too poor taste here, to say....the kid's got balls!!!!!!!!! :confused:huffle:

And it's all very heart-warming & stuff, but....what good is he actually on the field??? Punt returner? Er...I don't know the intracacies of gridiron from mouldy cheese, BUT - I'd have thought one of the pre-requisites to be a punt-returner would be able to RUN!...And run really FAST actually!??

But seriously - good on him! As much as I love watching & playing sports - If I really feel that if I was in his position, I seriously think I'd be sticking to wheelchair based sports!
Doesn't him not having legs fuck with the rules of football?

I mean, when your knee touches the ground, you are down.

This guy is exempt of a few rules.

I'm also wondering how he keeps his pants on.


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Feb 3, 2004
Its stories like these that makes me feel like a loser for ever feeling sorry for myself. I mean this kid wanted to play football and he did it. He didn't sit on the sidelines and feel sorry for himself he went out for the team. Pretty cool. Yep.