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Jun 13, 2004
Omaha, NE
Hey all, post some of the quotes from users on here.... theres always some great ones in sigs and stuff, and I thought it'd be cool to have a little collection of some of the most memorable.


I like that one..

fuck. who has it now...

It says

Quote: hanluc69

Where can i download ram?

i laughed at that for like 2 hours..
me being a pc tech and all.. just never heard something someone say that


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Sep 26, 2004
Porn bread.
ehh, the one of aim was pretty funny, i forgot alot of others.

Someone sharted someone elses shit?
No someone stepped in someone elses shit that they sharted.
Oct 16, 2004
the one where the thread was a picture of art. the art was a ceramic statue of a giant man, and a dude mimicking him. a guy came and said "wow, that is a really nice piece of art. but why is there a huge guy sitting in the corner?" it was awesome.


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Mar 1, 2003
Baton Rouge, Louisiana
gUy said:
The quote by Caveman about that cream of corn or something.
It was cream of wheat.

Caveman a long time ago said:
Relationships are kinda like cream of wheat. You don’t want to rush into making your cream of wheat, by throwing it into a pot, guess on the amount of water to add and turn the flames up all the way. You have got to have patience when making your cream of wheat. You want to slowly open the cream of wheat, so you don’t spill any, add the correct amount of water using a measuring cup, and turn the flames to the correct setting. You have to take time making you cream of wheat, get to know it and understand it. Once you get you cream of wheat cooking (she says yes). You don’t want to turn the flames up. Sure it is fun at fist, but then your cream of wheat overflows and you make a mess. You also don’t want to cook it too slow, because you will never get anything done, and the cream of wheat will be no good. You got to keep it on a nice medium setting, so you can enjoy your cream of wheat. Love your cream wheat, be nice to your cream of wheat, and make hot dirty love to your cream of wheat.