Fuck You

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i use to think this place was the shit, until i got on the forum. all you people are stuck up fuckin assholes who should all be shot. one of my goals was to get a video on the website, and now all my goal is, is to find out who hosts this thing, go to his house with some C4 bend him over, and have a nice lil fire work show! suck my penis you cock sucking cock suckers. have a nice day you fuckin pricks!

i sugest you all grow up and learn how to be a lil open minded, dick fuckers.


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Nov 6, 2003
This nig is mine.

Nice one you fucking assjackel. How long did it take to realize that your worthless shit probably wasn't wanted on this site anyways. Nobody gives a living fuck about the video or whatever shit you were gonna post. Hell, I don't give a fuck, and i'm pretty certain no one else does either. So shut your god damn whore of a mouth up and go bitch somewhere else you attention craving fuckstick.
Not open for further replies.