Fuck You



i use to think this place was the shit, until i got on the forum. all you people are stuck up fuckin assholes who should all be shot. one of my goals was to get a video on the website, and now all my goal is, is to find out who hosts this thing, go to his house with some C4 bend him over, and have a nice lil fire work show! suck my penis you cock sucking cock suckers. have a nice day you fuckin pricks!

i sugest you all grow up and learn how to be a lil open minded, dick fuckers.


Leme just say that it is an honor and priveledge to be the first one responding to this dumbass post. Now A-Crack, clearly you are upset that some people are big meany-weenies in this forum sometimes. Well big woopdy-fucking-doo. Oh no, people can be assholes sometimes?! Welcome to the real world first of all... but second of all, to say that everyone in these forums are assholes is a complete generalization brought about by your utter stupidity. There happen to be many creative, funny, and even respectful people in these forums. If you havn't noticed through your very extensive experience in these forums, people get banned as soon as they start doing stupid stuff. So please, don't make some random post (especially in a picture forum) to complain about a couple of a-holes in the forum when your clearly mistaken. Anyway, your being a bit hypocritical....If you wana be heard around, ya gotta post something with respect to get respect- titling your post "F*ck you" isnt the most effective way to do that.

In case this paragraph is too long or complex for you to grasp, allow me to sum it all up in this visual image.



hahahahaahah, as i was typing out that post he got banned hahahahaa


i think this is the 5th...

you got pwned.


jajajajajajajajajajajajajaja ;) ;) ;)