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my friend and I always do prank calls when were at his house we always use towel head on So we call up this lady and say yes hi i was just calling because your daughter come to my house today and so on. Well anyways this lady takes it seriously and she calls Megan her daughter and is like Megan u didnt kick anyones dog today did u and she was like no and the mom is like u better not be fucking lying to me because I will fuckin burn ur ass if u did. Meanwhile me and my friend are laughing so hard we had to burn on the mute button. The mom finally gets so pissed that we hear wam! and the really loud crying and it happened that the mom slapped the girl as hard as she could. Then she says I am sorry mr. ? this will never happen again if it does you can notify the police because i will not tolerate this kind of behavior out of my daughter and she says good day. I was laughing so fuckin hard my friends dad came down and was like what is so funny and we say we just heard a funny joke.

Another time we called this house and the guy answers and we do the same introduction and he is like quick megan get dad. So the dad comes on the phone and is like what the fuck is goin on here and i put your daughter she kick my dog. And he is like what the fuck do i care about ur fuckin dog it was probley going to bite her. Then i put in shut up u stink and he is like how the fuck would u know if i stank are u a fucking stocker. Then i put in I am going to kill u and he is like i am gonna kill u first with my fuckin shot gun if u dont get off the fuckin phone and I was laughing so hard my friends lil sis got on the phone and listened to some more threats by this guy and we heard her so we shut of the phone and grabbed the one she had. About 10 minutes later we get a call back and were like o shit i hope it isnt that guy even though we *67ed him but it turned out to be the cops and were like o fuck no now we are going to get fucked up the ass by the U.S Judicail system but it turns out he was wondering if we saw anything suspious in the neighiborhood and we said no and that is it.

Sorry for all the thens,ands and some more words but lets hear your funnist story
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