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my friend tried marajuana and was instantly hooked on it. two days later after smoking 10 times in 48 hours he had a stroke and died that night. not very harmless
My very good friend started smoking dope. He slowly eased into becoming a fulltime stoner, so gradual no one really noticed until it was too late. He began to skip class and play excessive amounts of hacky sack. He listens to weird music by black people in the carribean. He's no longer the richeous dude we all thought he was.


Dec 1, 2002
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cece (4/29/2004 2:54:31 PM)
hey my name is cece I have been lucky to not have any encounters with marijuana but i do want to say to peaple who do is be careful because that puff might be your last
:D Bua ha ha ha!!
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what the fuck??
i'm 9 years old i use to smoke all the time now i have a baby in the fourth grade i stoped only for my baby now i regret smoking and having sex
This girl's only nine and has a kid.


everything on that site is ridiculous, some of the stuff on their main website are actually outright lies. and where do the people who post that stuff come from? They think marijuana is like heroin. If i could go back in time, I would write a passage into the Bible about jesus smoking weed so that all the mindless, Bible obsessed christians would have to accept it. As far as I'm concerned most of the shit in there is made up anyway.
Apr 1, 2004
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sayno (4/30/2004 7:22:10 PM)
I almost died from smoking marijuana,my life is so bad since I`ve smoked.My mom smoked and my sister died from the second hand smoke from my mom.I wish I had never touched the stuff,because now I cant quit and its ruining my life,please help me,I dont know what to do anymore!

u almost died from pot? hahahaha. noooope, sorry.... pot doesnt kill ya :)
died from the second hand marijuana smoke? nnoooope, nothing will kill you in second hand pot smoke. either ur lying or got the facts wrizzong.(wrong)

or its a big j o k e... hmmmmmm dont lie to me