Generation Songs

Aug 2, 2005
Generation Songs [Request]

This is sadly more of a request than anything. I have to find a song that will fit what im writing about for a project in english. And im really stuck on witch one to pick. The topic i choise is kinda hard to explain but is more or less generation (as in all the different lifes of people based on there lifestyle, believes and race) I was gonna pick the who, but there lyrics repeat which isnt gonna do so well, can anyone suggest a song that will fit the subject?

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Apr 3, 2006
As soon as I read that "My Generation" came to mind, but I guess you won't use that. I would look into Bob Dylan. I can always find a song by him for school projects and such. He's got great lyrics. You could maybe use "The Times They Are A Changin" but I can't think of much right now besides that.