Here's some details I extracted with a little info from the video:

It all happened at Chateau Elan in Atlanta Georgia. The TV station was FOX 5 from Atlanta. I believe it was "Good Day Atlanta" (the tv news show) -Below are corresponding websites.

There's the info you need... now please... SOMEBODY FIND OUT THE FULL STORY!

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Depending on how soft the ground was she could have sustained massive injuries. People have died from shorter falls than that before, not that this young woman did. Too bad though she landed on her head, any other part and she would have had a big cushion. :)


heres the update

I called the tv station, because i was so curious as to what happened...A lady answered the phone who informed me that this all happen about 3 years ago. She said she had heard about the vid on the internet buit that everyone there had forgotten about it; as it has been three years since the segment was aired. In conclusion she said that the lady was ok, and she wouldn't specify any injuries she did sustain. Hope that answers all the hype.

See Yeah!

Dirty Harry

That's a coon woman for you. Video cracks me up. I seen that happen in real life. I mean it. Did she die, by any chance? That would be killer.