Green Street Hooligans



Looks gay...

sports gangs/clubs like that piss me off, go out and play.
Sep 19, 2005
Matt-le-kat said:
Is it anything like football factory?

Yeah it's better, the only thing that let's it down though is the yank's terrible cockney accent.
Aug 9, 2005
Charlotte, NC
so wait wait wait wait....this is a movie about football and hooligans, two things you are at least mildly interested in judging from your post. And along comes a polished hollywood movie about it, starring none other that Frodo Fucking Baggins mind you. And you think it's a good thing? I love Baseball, but any hollywood bullshit movie about it pisses me off. The only thing gayer than watching Kevin Costner throw a watching Frodo Baggins throw a punch.


This just looks like some hollywood polished shite (don't get me wrong Hollywood does produce some good films, but sometimes it's better if it stays out of others) to me. Oh and they could've picked someone better than the hobbit man for the role. I stil haven't seen it so I'll reserve my full judgement but I don't have my hopes up. Guess if you want a good movie about hooligans you should stick to I.D.