How bad is car theft in your area?


California FTW
Oct 18, 2006
Modesto, Cali
It seems that my hometown has the highest car theft in the country for the third year running. Last week my aunt's car and my Physics teacher's car got stolen stragih from the mall parking lot. Its rediculous. I don't know if this belongs here or in current events or even in Everything/Nothing but, whatever. So how bad is your city? Have you ever had your car stolen?


Post Whore
May 22, 2004
the bar
in my neighborhood, it's basically crime free, but about 7 miles out to the low income housing/apartments, negros roam the streets looking for trouble. It makes our county look bad.
Oct 21, 2006
YEA moving on up. now number 10 ! A couple of tips for ya guys sure u know them or do some of them but this is just what i do.

If you have a Sound system do not turn it up loud right before you park in a public place. It just tells everyone around you that you got a nice system o hey look he is going into the mall for 2 hours.

Park in well lit places and lock cars and hide all valuables

Car alarms do help!

When leaving the car for long periods of time. Definatly invest in on of those bars that go on your steering wheel. They are breakable but most people who are steeling dont want to bother.

Anyone else got any good tips or ideas?


Not Banned
Dec 21, 2004
Duluth, MN
It's so bad here that everybody has eachothers cars. The meanest guy has the best car, the oldest lady has the 2nd best car because the meanest guy told everybody else to leave her alone. So we fight over the rest, and the bums get the busses and taxi cabs...but the crackheads steal the alternators and sell them back to the owners for a profit. It's dog eat dog out here I tell ya...The cop cars are stolen, so the cops ride around on buses and take taxis everywhere. Even the Emos stole the ambulances for their strobe lights and sharpies so they can cut themselves and rave dance at the same time with the sound of the sirens.

You like my cars? I stole them.


The NJ Ziggy Igger
Jan 21, 2005
you drive a VW, so there is no need to think up ways to protect your car from theft as chances are it would be broken down and immobile anyway :D :bigwink:
Hey now I love muscle cars but I had a vw those cars are tough. I had one with almost 200k miles and it still took my beating. Plus you cant beat a vw weaving in and out of traffic, I try that now im going sideways.
Oct 21, 2006
you drive a VW, so there is no need to think up ways to protect your car from theft as chances are it would be broken down and immobile anyway :D :bigwink:
Very good point but when it does brake down on me i gota keep it locked up so nothing happens to it until i got to the junkyard and get parts and come back to it.
Jul 15, 2006
It'd be nice if they give a list of most stolen car/model...

I drive a big ass caddy, am I in risk? My hood ornament is already gone...