Howard Stern fans Pranks CNN multiple times...


Keep Fuckin that Chicken
Apr 22, 2005
United States

Howard Stern and company seem to be obsessed with destroying the CNN with practical jokes. They seem particularly interested in disgusting this one newscasters segments. You may have seen this but clip two is new to me. It is obiviously from more than a year ago. It is still funny to see how they get this chicks panties in a knot. She is clearly not trying to seem as mad as the first time but is fuming mad anyway.

I wonder how they know for sure who they are speaking to and how they keep getting on the air.

Clip #2


Thats Howard's style though, anything that is over the top. I mean CNN doing live broadcasts, they are asking for it lol
Jun 28, 2004
New Fuckin Jersey!
Yeah, this guy's name is Capt. Jenks... consequently, he's really not part of the Howard Stern show, he's just some guy who shares his pranks with Howard.

And the rest of you guys are right.. she is hot. I'd love to dump a quart of hot yogurt on her back... :bang: