I love new york (on VH1)


That fresh feeling.
Aug 6, 2005
America's Heartland
I actually like the shows on VH1, I never really watched it when it was a music channel. But I did watch MTV when they used to play metal, but since TRL, the real world and all the shit came by...I just stopped watching. Now it's a channel for teenage drama queens, but at least VH1 has shows everyone can enjoy.

Dr. Zombie

Jul 20, 2006
Man, so nauseating with all these fucking reality shows! I'd rather watch Carrot Top than that New York retard.

Even more disturbing to me is the new Bonaduci(sp)esque show coming out with Tom Sizemore! So sad to me, I had...well still have a lot of respect for that guy. But to make a quick buck, shelling out your life and showing how fucked up you are on VH1 is just depressing to me. Sizemore was so kick ass in so many movies too. I know he abused his wife and other stuff, but I just wish if he was gonna turn his life around, it wouldn't be aired, he'd just do it and put out some more kickass movies.

But yeah, I think I'll avoid watching this Flava spinoff, maybe she will walk in front of a moving semi on the show though, I'd watch that.