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Into vintage garage bands?

Discussion in 'Music' started by helleborine, May 3, 2004.

  1. helleborine

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    Check out this giant site about a little band from 80s Montreal:

    Terminal Sunglasses

    FREE mp3s of their whole albums, FREE video downloads, memorabilia...
  2. Moregg

    Moregg Guest

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    hum a garbage band the last garbage band i herd played crazy train by OZZY and that was in 1997...for the band i would half to give it my worst rating ever 7 thumbs up...well thats not my worst rating but...nvm
  3. badmoon349

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    I listen to a lot of vintage garage bands, but when I mean vintage, I mean from the 60's psychedelic scene. If you seem interested buy the Nuggets 1st box set. It's great.
  4. gibridehome

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    I love The Sonics
    The Standells

    I hate the word vintage

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