Jay Leno vs. David Letterman vs. Jimmy Kimmel vs. Conan O'Brein vs. Craig Furgeson



Didn't put this in the TV section, because I:

1) Get a better response in here
2) This is more about the PEOPLE not the show.

So who do you think is, funnier and more like-able.

Personally I would take Leno over any of them. I like his humor better. He is more laid back too.

Letterman pisses me off becuase:

1) his humor is dry
2) He is a left-winged, secular progressive, liberal who attacks his guests he doesn't like (aka Bill O'Reilly).

BTW Letterman has signed on till '10.. wow...

Jimmy is just a blow-hard nothing real special about him

Conan is really funny at times.. the "we got a great show tonight" is a little old but he's still great and he takes over Jays prime time slot in '08.

Craig Furgeson... don't really know him well, CBS never really does promos for him...

Anyways this is the people not the shows.

Spike Lee

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Mar 26, 2005
I'm sure you might get better responses in the TV/Movie section because E/N is just stupid almost all the time.
Jun 9, 2006
d00d, Jimmy Kimmel pwnz all those old men and that guy with the huge chin!

Why? because of cousin Sal and the fact that his show is superior in every way possible.

Dr. Zombie

Jul 20, 2006
Hmmm... well the last time I actually watched talk shows was forever ago, but I enjoyed watching Conan O'Brien. Except when he talked about how no one up that late watched his show... come on... you've been on the air forever, of course people are watching the damn show, old ass joke!

YOu should make a poll for this :boink:


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Mar 24, 2004
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I like all of them and think they all produce nice shows. Conan is very likeable, he'll put all his effort into getting a laugh out of his audience and guests. The shows running gags are not the main attraction, Conan is the main engine in everything. Leno probably has the best opening monologue of them all, with Kimmel and Ferguson following behind him in that category. Leno also has a few running gags like Jay Walking and Headlines that are popular and he conducts good interviews. Kimmel has a very well run show, with alot enjoyable segments. He brings alot to his show and I don't think he needs to be the main focus. He's a smart guy and doesn't push the envelope and runs good interviews. Letterman's audience is very niche and he doesn't change his comedy to what people want, he does what he wants and those who like it will watch and enjoy him. I can watch his show and find some parts to be very dry and other parts will get a laugh out of me. Letterman is not going to change his style, no matter what and I don't think he has to. Of all the late show hosts, I think Ferguson is the most underrated or under the radar. He is a very funny guy and seems like he's very comfortable in the role. His monologue is very good, he adds alot of wit to it. His gags are also very planned. I'd say his interviewing skills need improving and I think that comes with time and having the right guests.

If I had to rate them...
Conan - 9
Leno - 9
Kimmel - 9
Letterman - 8
Ferguson - 8
Daly - 3
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Rick Derris

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Jun 9, 2004
Craig Ferguson's show is abysmal. All he can seem to do is make fun of Michael Richards, and Mel Gibson, while making retarded sounds from his computer.

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Jun 11, 2006
The early days of Letterman, when he had the balls to do cool stuff.
Right now it's all about Conan O' Brien, baby.


Aug 20, 2005
I think that Jay Leno appeals most to middle-aged people (such as my parents). His show can be pretty funny at times, but there is nothing really unique about it. His monologue jokes are pretty standard. Although, I do enjoy Headlines.

Conan is more out there, and is more appealing to young people. This is mainly due to his personality and self-depricating sense of humour. A lot of his segments are funny in off-beat ways.

I never cared for Letterman. To me, there is nothing at all likeable about him. He does not come off as relatable at all. He seems like he's always being inconvenienced in some way.

Kimmel is one of my favourites. I love his delivery and the way he uses hilarious video clips (although some may argue that's not real comedy). He comes off as likeable.

I've seen Ferguson a few times, and although he is quite funny, the show sucks. I also hate the way he knows absolutely nothing about the people he is interviewing.
Dec 11, 2005
leno isn't funny. he has bad jokes and i just don't find him funny in any sense of the word.

i like letterman and kimmel because they're funny.


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Aug 29, 2005
Jay Leno - Monologues are alright. The jokes are predictable sometimes, and sometimes just stupid, but it's still cool. His after monologue thing is the second best, only because I love Headlines and those Dollar store shopping sprees with fucked up products, or stuff we found on eBay. But the last two I mentioned they hardly ever do. I really hate celebrity jeopardy, its really dumb.
I was just going to point that out. But you worded it perfectly. I like Jay though, he's a nice guy and can make up jokes on the spot that are often more funny than the monologue jokes. I like the jeopardy when it's real people who are anything but smart. But I hate when he does the actual interviews with celebrities, I find it so boring, unless it's Jim Carrey :D


I completely forgot about a poll (damn...)

I could just delete this thread and start a new one with a poll..

Nah.. lets not, to many responses already.

Just Spurplin

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Apr 23, 2005
Conan. His monologues usually suck, but he goes off the monologues and makes fun of how bad they are. His interviews are by far the best. Some of the funniest fucking things I have seen my entire life. He had Steve Irwin on, and Steve brought out this huge fucking snake (honestly biggest snake I have ever seen in my life. havent even seen a picture of a snake that big before). They had 6 guys holding it, and watching Conan jump over the couches and shit, grabbing on to the inch end of the tail. It was just amazing.

Some people say that he rules over his interviews too much, and I agree, and thats why I love him. I watch Leno, and Leno just sits back and lets his people talk, chimming in every once and awhile. Its so fucking boring. Conan jumps into their conversations like every 30 seconds with something hilarious. I remember when he had some big talk show host (dont remember who), and the host was critisizing Conan as the interview was going on because Conan was talking so much. It wasnt like a mean citicism, but like a "See, this is why your on at 1 oclock. You never let anyone else talk."

He rules over everyone.

PS. Have you all been to www.hornymanatee.com. Cause it is fucking awesome.