Lancer Evo VIII


Agent Orange

Anybody own or drive one of these thinking about getting one. Anything good or bad about it?

Thanks in Advance! :)


Everything is good except the wing gets in the way of your vision when you're looking in the mirror or even turning around, going in reverse, etc. cost a shitload of money. Best thing about it, Lancer EVOIII MR 0-60 4.3 secs, almost 300pounds of torque, and only about $3G's more.


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Feb 21, 2004
Quick car, ugly as fuck, and has mitsushitty quality. Mitsu also might be going out of business soon.........Chrysler has picked up their $6 billion debt bill.........They also have rust problems due to lack of a final galvanizing process from the factory.....They are quick, and be sure to get it tuned right from the box, you can actually squeeze more power out of it because of it's emissions tune. A turboback exhaust will get you in the high 12s @ 108ish.

This is a galant and eclipse, but it also happens to EVO's.

They use cheapass steel processing..........beware lol.


The Galant VR4 was the closet thing to an EVO we had in the states for awhile. It was AWD and not powerful. Some people actually dumped money into them, but at the time it wasn't worth it. Mitsubushi has done a full frontal 180 on the quality of their cars (reliability wise).