LSD HotDog

Jun 24, 2005
from some goofy scare film from 67 called LSD: Insight or Insanity

Being dosing makes you so hungry for heavy foods, especially for hot dogs. :~\

I gotta admit, they played films like this in my school when I was young, and made me really curious. I remember they gave a trip to some artist, and he started making amazing drawings. The only "scare" part was obviously he was acting a bit odd. Sort of like this if I recall right. Was ages ago.

4 hours 25 minutes after first dose, 5 hours 45 minutes after first dose
looks way cooler than before the trip in my opinion
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Lsd is a great drug, does no harm too the body, and makes you trip ballz, i love talking to trees on lsd, i love that numbing feeling right before you start seeing colors.....thought the sun was laffing at me once on lsd, bad trips suck,

im stoned and thats my 2cents



theres some 50's video out there where they give soldiers lsd and send them into the woods someone should find it
Jun 24, 2005
hehe...yeah...that one fello climbs the tree to feed the birds. Almost too bad they don't pumpkin bomb the enemy with LSD like they thought they would do in the original tests. What a wild sight that would be.


A kid who I went to high school with (way back) blasted his head off with a shotgun while tripping. His dad insisted on an open casket to show his friends what it CAN make you do. Not a pretty sight.

The problem with acid is that you can't really control what 'kind' of trip you're gonna have. Also, it lasts too long. I've tried it a few times to see what the big deal was. Yeah, it was fukin' weird but I had no control. There was no way to stop it. Closing my eyes to sleep just made it more intense. I started to panic when I thought that it would start raining mini-vans. Where would I hide?
Jun 24, 2005
that's true to say the least. Doses aren't for everyone. I never have had a bad one. On the other hand if I had a dime for every drunk I baby sat, dosed to kingdom neptune, I'd have a new...nevermind I hate that quote

I dunno....I always kept my shit together while losing it all at the same time.