Mass-multiplayer online free RPG

I was just telling Kane about this game i play online thats pretty addicting and damn cool. Its hard to start off because its complicated, but there are online guides that u can ask for help and once you get started its crazy. However, it is a BROWSER rpg, meaning no video graphics and stuff. At first i thought no graphics was lame and fucked but its actually pretty awesome. So just try it, and if u need help PM me at DeadlyMilkMan2 on the RT server.

Go to, then click the Galactic Conquest link picture thing. Then click "Enter Galactic Conquest" and then chose the server u want to play on. I play on Real Time because u get turns alot faster, and its constant play= no waiting for buildup of turns. Then make an account and start playing. Give it a try, and dont give up. I was pretty confused when i started but then i talked to an online guide, and it made sense and became addicting. Anyway, check it out. - US (Oh yes and it is FREEE! unless u want to upgrade ur account and get special stuff. (i didnt upgrade))


Oct 27, 2005
I looked for you on there but didn't find you :(
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