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(*METAL MP3 Inside*) Our newest song. You hear it first, unmastered unreleased...

Discussion in 'Music' started by VanHalenMan, May 2, 2004.

  1. VanHalenMan

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    This song is called "Leaving 3 Years Behind"


    Its just me on guitar right now. Our other guitarist, dusty had his hand crushed by a trash truck so... we have to wait a bit, his scratch tracks are however still on there so you have a "shitty" idea of what it sounds like... the lead guitar is me.

    I can't wait untill this is done... Its really loud right now. It has not been EQed yet. Peace out dudes.

    This is on COMCAST so you might have to...
    "Right click, save as."

  2. VanHalenMan

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    No one cares?!
  3. Bad Boy

    Bad Boy Guest

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    I like the guitar playing a lot... too bad I don't understand a word of the "singing" :rolleyes:

    It's a good song, don't get me wrong. I'm just not into the whole "get up there and see how fast you can lose your voice" thing
  4. RolandOfGilead

    RolandOfGilead J.D. To Be

    Jan 3, 2004
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    Good stuff, man. You're right -- it's hard to really single things out with the dry mix. I'm sure we'll all get a better feel for it when it's mastered.

    You guys have damn good time for a metal band -- were you using a click track in the studio when you did this? If not, kudos to you guys. Bassist sounded fine to me, as well (again, not EQed but from what I heard, he was on) And I'd have to also say that's some mighty fine lead guitar playing on your part. Not overembellished -- simple, clean, good. I like it.

    A couple things I'd have to criticize. First of all -- your singer. I'm sorry to say that guy's kinda holding you back. He sounds like he's trying so hard to have that raspy metal lead vocal sound, but he's falling short. Its just not a unique or prominent enough of a voice to really make an impression. Plus his pitch (when he's not screaming) is all over the map. If he's a friend and you want him on board, at the *very* least tell him not to sing. And if he does -- tell your engineer to use some pitch augmentation tools. (This was pretty noticeable when he held out that Eb in the double time chorus section toward the end right before you hold out that major 3rd on the guitar and go back into the head Cmin/Ab/Eb/F deal.)
    The only other thing really is the drummer could embellish a little more on his fills. You have the whole mordent ornamentation thing going on and he's not giving much of a response to it. He's got good time and he sounds like he could easily pop in a monster fill if he wanted to, so that shouldn't be a problem.

    These are all just opinions, man. Take them how you will. Keep playing -- I like hearing original stuff on these boards. Good luck to you and your band!
  5. VanHalenMan

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    You clearly have your shit straight... Thanks for the review... As for the vox. they are really high in the mix now and they will be set in much more to melt in with the guitars, hopefully it'll sound good. Scott, our drummer could do more fills, he is amazing... we tell him that but he is so humble. As for the click track, no... I guess we just locked in really well from the start. Thanks for the compliments on guitar, I wrote this song. I hope once mastered, it will sound better.... I'll post up the final cut in a few weeks... I'll let you hear another song if you wish we have 4 at the stage the one you heard is it... I like your reviews, you know what you are talking about.

  6. ypsidan04

    ypsidan04 Guest

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    Until the vocals started, I liked it. I don't know how to characterize that type of singing, but all I know is that I hate it. Sounds a lot like Hatebreed. I just can't stand those vocals. Heavy rock/metal doesn't have to sound like that. See Metallica, Lacuna Coil, Staind, Linkin Park.

    In general, I agree with Bad Boy.
    #6 ypsidan04, May 4, 2004
    Last edited by a moderator: May 4, 2004
  7. Dream Theater

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    You guys sound alot like Amon Amarth....or deeper CoB...AWESOME!!!
  8. EdTheEliminator

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    Only idiots get their hands crushed by a truck. Honestly, who does that any more? What an idiot!
  9. VanHalenMan

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    Hey boner, why don't you whore up this forum with some more pointless posts, did you ask how his hand was crushed?? No. It was un-avoidable. BITCH.

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