Most embarrasing thing you've done when drunk!

I honestly dont drink too much, but one time I was at college and I got really fuckin wasted and had the munchies. So I went in the elevator to go down to the vending machine, then I got the urge to piss. So I pissed in the corner of the elevator and just as I finished and started to zipper up my pants the elevator door opened and there was 2 chicks waiting to get in. ugh, even as drunk as I was I felt embarrased.



Uncommon Soap said:
I fucked a sheep :eek: :(

Hahahahaha, are you serious or are you just fucking around? Because if you're serious, damn, thats hella-funny. Oh, and I've never been drunk so I havent done stupid things while drunk.


Let's see....I was running into trees...falling down in the hallway on the way to the bathroom..threw up all over my freinds back seat..she had to change my cloths and everything. I dont remember any of it..but hey they laughed lol


When I have had some dizzy syrup inside me, I like to deepthroat my beer bottles, then sniff the sick I regurgutated throught doing it.


Oct 15, 2003
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SickGirl said:
Drunk dialing. I beg my friends to hide my phone after a certain point. Say no to DD!!!! :@
Oooh, I did a lot of that when I was drinking, what is it about drunks and phones?
Other than that, the embarrassing things I did while drunk are too numerous to get into.
And too embarrassing, really.


lmao! Thats like me SIck Girl. I will call up people I hate with a passion and tell them that we need to hang out and tell them how much I love Im a happy drunk...When my cousin got drunk one time she was calling people and saying LALALALALAA over and over on their voice messages..


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Feb 20, 2004
It's a serious disorder in these parts. I always get calls from friends or ex boyfriends. I haven't gotten a mean call though. They're usually nice saying they love me. My friends and I are happy drunks :) Oh what would I do without their alcoholic asses?!


Mar 28, 2003
Miami or New York
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One time I passed out at my friend's house on the couch and then at some ridiculously early hour I got up and peed on a chair in his living room. My pants were down to my ankles and he came down the stairs to see what the fuck was going on because I wa being loud and when he walked up and asked me what the fuck i was doing I told him to give me and second, im almost done. Craziness.


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Mar 24, 2003
Bronx, NY
catgarvin said:
Oooh, I did a lot of that when I was drinking, what is it about drunks and phones?
LOL, that's true. Hey, I just got a million dollar idea. I'm going to invent a phone breathalyzer. You have to blow into it before making a call and if you're over .08 blood alcohol it won't put the call through. Dammit, I shouldn't have posted that, now someone is gonna steal it.

I think my most embarrassing drunken moment happened when I was about 16. I got too loaded to make it home one night, so a friend dragged me to his house and let me pass out on a cot in his basement. The next morning his mother came down to do the laundry and the noise woke me up. I was still wasted and didn't know who she was, and I was so disoriented that I was thinking that I woke up in my own bed. I yelled at her to get the fuck out of my room and threw my boot at her.

After that, whenever I tried to call my friend and she answered, she'd hang up on me.


I, too, am a very happy, loving drunk. I hug everyone that I remotely know. Several, several months ago I was really drunk at my regular hang out at the time. Me and my friends decided to go to another bar, and on my way out, I saw a guy friend, and I was going to give him a friendly peck on the cheek on my way out, but I ended up giving him a pretty savage nip on the neck. How, in my drunk stupor, I managed to do that, I still have no idea. I still blush when I run into him now . . . . :eek:


Really embarrasing

Damn you have me beat whole boot throwing This is embarrasing but I'm going to tell it anyway....It was my 16th bday and I was at Atlantic Beach. My aunt said she was going to get me drunk...I was drinking Screwdrivers and Gold Schlagger...Next thing I knew..I woke of vodka and orange juice in my hand and something wet all over my shorts. I got called "Depends" after


I've only been drunk a few times (I'm in high school...shhhh), but once I decided to jump on the hood of some random guy's car and I slipped because the car was wet and cracked his friends collected me and we ran. Never heard a thing about it since.
OMG, me and my friends were at a bar one night and the waitresses were hula hooping. I grabbed a hula hoop and did "the drunken Indian erotic hula hoop dance" and made more tips than they did. I was so embarrassed that I never went back to that place again. :eek: I'm like, Sunshine, I get very loving.

I really hope Uncommon Soap is kidding but somehow, I don't think he is.


Mostly me puking.

From what I am told the first night I got trashed I rolled around in somebody else's piss in some grass. I don't believe it though, 'cause I didn't smell.


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Mar 2, 2004
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Sometimes people trip and fall. Its a clumsy mistake many people have made. It is quite embarrassing and makes you feel dumb. I know the answer to not looking as stupid. Once apon a time when I was 10.............I was at Karate class and we were doing kicks that day. We were learning complicated kicks and we had to kick this punching bag...........well, the karate teacher told me to kick high so I did and I don't know how, but I fell backwards as I kicked and everyone looked at me fall on my ass. So what I did, was I just fell again repeatedly to make it look like my fall wasn't on accident. Then people didn't think I was stupid and clumsy, they just thought I was trying to be funny by falling. So if you ever trip and fall in public, just trip and fall about four more times after that to make it look like it was a joke.

OOPS, I forgot to mention that I wasn't drunk when I fell, oh well.
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this one time I climbed onto the top of a mailbox and shouted random phrases at people who walked by... then an old ladie gave me a cookie to get down from the mailbox... so she invited me into her house and we had a chat... I ate some of her cats catfood... fixed her TV and then dressed up like captain kirk and started running around the streets as if I was really a space pirate from K-Pax

sad thing is I was sober...

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Dec 17, 2003
We went to Dunkin Dounuts smelling of alchohol and bought like 40 doughnuts and tied them all over me with saftey pins then I ran around the outside of the police station screaming the sound that sirens make.....I then proceeded to hurl doughnuts at random cars......and when I woke up I was in a dumpster outside of town........I got shit faced :D