My band's first gig review


Sep 6, 2005
Adam Garrod said:
KORSVENIN (Black Death Metal from Cathedral City)

It was a special show for Korsvenin as it was their first ever gig at an unfamiliar venue. The music was certainly heavy and was very impressive for a band that young (average age of 15) to be playing. The drumming, in particular, was absolutely brilliant and stood out a lot more than anything else. The singers have one hell of a growl too! I think that the nerves showed during the set though, as the band seemed to be rooted to the spot and lacking the passion that is part of so many unsigned metal bands today. My advice to them would be to write songs that mean something to you and get moving about on stage a bit, and I think in time Korsvenin will be a prominent force in Lincoln’s metal scene.
I'm quite happy with that. I have one hell of a growl!


It's ice cream, pervert.
Jun 10, 2005
jesus tap dancing christ, if you're going to make recordings of banging on shit and screaming, at least make it so it doesn't clip that much.