My liquid art and make your own


Nov 24, 2004
Inspired by the liquid art thread, I decided to make my own ripple images. I found that it takes patience and practice. Anyway, I experimented a bit last night and for an hour or so this afternoon and I got a few interesting pictures.
Most of you probably have access to a digital camera so go ahead and try this yourself.
My set up:
4.0 mega pixel camera, maximum resolution set, maximum quality
Focus set to macro
Distance from lens between 6 to 12 inches
Flash on, shutter normal to semi-quick
Self-timer set and 3 shots taken in quick succession

Best to have a non-white, non-reflective background. I used a dark background but a light one would work too.
Use a dark or clear dish or aluminium foil to drip your liquid on.
Use a straw or an eyedropper or (in my case) a contact lens solution bottle and fill them with your liquid.
Pre-fill your target dish with a little bit of liquid.
Set the camera up and make sure you get a good focus. Set the self-time to give you time to prepare. 10 seconds should be more than enough.
Start dripping from at least a foot above the target. Drip in rapid succession because it's hard to get the drip to hit at the exact correct time.
The higher you drip from, the more spectacular the ripple.
Experiment with different liquids and try adding food colouring to them. Also, consider adding some sugar or detergent to the liquid to change its consistency.

Anyway, here are some of my shots. The only thing I photoshopped was cropping them and resizing some. Enjoy



theC said:
Just a compact Casio QV-R40. 4.0MPix
Nothing special.

how is ur flash flickering off really fast??? awesome cam and awesome idea

EDIT: damn i was too lazy to read ur set up lol


Nov 24, 2004
Jathesan.J said:
how is ur flash flickering off really fast??? awesome cam and awesome idea
I can't really set the flash duration on my camera. I can set the flash intensity but I haven't noticed a difference. The key is to have a semi-quick shutter and a self-timer. Just set up your camera and have it count down. While it's doing that just start dripping and hopefully when the flash goes you'll get a nice picture. You'll want to have about 2-4 drips per second going while the flash goes to ensure that you get a good pic.

Try not to get your camera wet! ;)

I tried something a little different.

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