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Feb 26, 2005
I meant what shirt do you think that people will be wearing that no one is right now. I just said DSOTM because it is the best example.


I thought this was Designated Shirt Of The Month thread.

Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, and I've seen a lot of AC/DC shit lately, I'm sorry but AC/DC's could be the most cenophobic band ever. Bob Marley, also seems to be pretty trendy lately.
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Jun 1, 2005
hmmm i have a DSOTM AND Bob Marley shirt... Dammit, I guess I'm trendy. I don't keep up with these kids these days, I like DSOTM because one of my favorite PF songs is on it "Us and Them". Bob Marley...well.. I think Bob Marley and the Wailers is my favorite group ever. I haven't seen many soundgarden shirts but then i stay away from teenager hangouts. Sucks that people seem to think they have to wear things to be trendy. What happened to wearing your favorite bands because you liked the music? *shrug* oh well.

reggie jax

What's funny is how the new trend is to listen to all older bands and be "out of it" as far as trends go.. like all of a sudden it's cool to be 40 or something. It's crazy. Illuminati must have something to do with this.


sparrky said:
hello? led zeppelin. the one with the dude with wings. its everywhere already.
You know what sucks?

I actually own that shirt :(

I had it first, you trendy bastards!

G N' R or Peral Jam's Ten I would say.


The only band shirt I wear is a Hank Snow shirt. I try my best to avoid the trendy stuff, don't like to be categorized, if you know what I mean.
Mar 13, 2005
I don't have any trendy shirts, but i do have the Pink Floyd Hammers and Bombers shirt (The Wall) my parents went to target and baught me a pink floyd DSOTM shirt, i refuse to wear it because.. well for being an actual Pink Floyd fan and not just a person who likes DSotM, its embarassing
If you get where i'm getting at... -.-

And, i don't think their is going to be a Next big band shirt, Most teenagers who have heard pink floyd love them and think their music is fucking amazing.
I'm guessing a black shirt with a big pot leaf is going to be the next BIG shirt.

And, Hendrix is another big shirt going around
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Favorite band shirts I own:

Pink Floyd:
Division Bell (Pic from the album cover).
PULSE (This).
Animals (Fuzzy pink pig on the front, block lettering PINK FLOYD ANIMALS on the back).
DSOTM (Made it myself, I wear it on occasion).
The Wall (Has the hammers on it).

Got a Deep Purple one that's just got a pic of the band on it, and the shirt is purple.

Couple AC/DC ones, Back in Black and For those about to Rock.

Made a Frank Zappa one. It kicks a lot of ass.

And I have a ZZ Top one that I got at a concert this summer.

Oct 23, 2004
The shirts I notice EVERYONE wearing now which annoys me are Jimi Hendrix shirts.

THere are some with pictures of him.
There are some shirts with a wierd filtered drawing of him.
Even hip-hoppers are wearing them.
It annoys me because they don't even listen to him, and he would be ashamed to be glorified by a generation of such bad taste in music.

I even saw a sports jacket with some random New English (gangsta) font saying hendrix on the back with his face on the front.


reggie jax

I think Hendrix would've embraced hip hop. He was black after all wasn't he? Unless he turned out to be some dull ass "Bill Cosby." But I can't see that.. Hendrix was too cool for that.
Oct 23, 2004
Hendrix understood the talent that it took, he appreciated the blues, jazz, etc.

I don't think he would like to listen to direct lyrics over a drum machine.

And that's just by judging his playing.

reggie jax

Hendrix appreciated black music a lot more than people think.. when he died he was headed towards more soul-filled jazzy rock type of music rather than white-washed hippy rock. I think that if he was around long enough to see hip hop grow and prosper from the beginning of the genre he would definitely be supportive of the genre, especially noting it's early funk influences and the fact that it's the latest black form of music in the states. I highly doubt he would write it off as "direct lyrics over a drum machine." If he would, then maybe I overestimated him.

But this is off topic.


Been a lot of fairweather Floyd fans since Live 8, I'm not complaining, but it gets irritating when people I speak to wearing Dark Side attire know nothing about albums before 1973....

reggie jax

I don't get why someone has to know a bands discography to wear a shirt. That's like looking down on a kid with a NY Giants shirt that doesn't know which years they won the super bowl. It doesn't really matter does it, as long as they like the team in question.


Feb 22, 2005
New York State
reggie jax said:
I don't get why someone has to know a bands discography to wear a shirt. That's like looking down on a kid with a NY Giants shirt that doesn't know which years they won the super bowl. It doesn't really matter does it, as long as they like the team in question.
true, as long of course that they know some songs by the band.

Maybe Gradeful Dead shirts? My friend has two and a DSOTM shirt he wears. I also have seen AC/DC (mostly Back in Black), Hendrix (but only a few times) and Led Zeppelin hardly at all. I've seen one GNR one and one Queen shirt as well.