Number to prank

Call this number and leave a message. The guy is a junk faxer with some scam going and he will call you back. He really gets pissed and his blood pressure goes up 50 points in ten seconds. 1 800 543 8410 . It's toll free and he calls you back so he is the initiator. I beat him up with Arnold so try Slingblade or Dr. Phil or somebody.



just press *67 before u dial number it doesnt cost anything and they cant *69 u back and ur call cant be traced by anyone non-government/phyco


what exactly is *67 for i know the phone company's didnt make it up for prankers to block their numbers


So if I press *67 every time before I make a call, I can't be traced via *69 or Caller ID by a regular household owner?


*67 doesnt always work.....i got called back once....the guy i pranked said he was the police....i hung and called 911 to tell the police that someone was calling as the police and that they need to be talked to....i gave the number i pranked and i never heard from him again!! :confused: :rolleyes: