Over 100 free .mp3 original prank calls

Hey guys, thought I'd share this with everyone:

Prank Machine

There's a database with over 100 original, free pranks there. Really funny stuff. Check it out.
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Any particular reason?

So, any particular reason that other prank call related sites are posted on here, but I decide to post mine, www.noadwhoringyoufuck.com, after lurking for forever in these forums, and it gets changed and my newly registered account gets banned? Good enough for the Humor Portal, but not for the forums? It's not like it was random spam. It was related to the topic, as well as from a legit person/visitor/fan of the site. :confused: :confused: :confused:

Just an explaination would be spiffy. Was unaware discussion of prank call sites was banned, especially looking at the gazillion other topics doing the same. :confused:
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Not trying to piss anybody off

Not trying to make anyone angry. Just figured this would be the right place to mention the site.


others have actually contributed here and helped grow this part of the forum..you, on the other hand...made one post for the pure purpose of ad-whoring your site...

other links are directly to the call or soundboard...NOT to the main site...if you want to advertise your site...contact ebaum.