photoshop type jobs...

ok... i was just wondering. are there any other types of jobs one could obtain other then graphic artist?

what could someone do as a job when all they know is photoshop?

thanks for the input in advance...

oh, here is the link to my website, just to get a feel for some of the stuff i can do (it has not been updated for like 2 years lol)
click the artwork link


I think it's more of your internal abilities rather than what specific software program you can operate. If you are comfortable with Photoshop and can design well, you shouldn't have a problem with a number of other things that are similar but don't necessarily require Photoshop specifically.

For instance, if you are a good "Photoshoper" you should be able to layout web pages, tradeshow graphics, signs, newspapers, magazines, etc etc. You just might need to learn another program to go along with your Photoshop knowledge.


Sep 6, 2005
My brother has been a graphic designer for a few years now (which is also what I'm basing my GCSE's on) and he is at the moment designing web banners in PS.