Ps3 Sneak peak!!!


smartass :D


PS3 console to be released in 2005

Japanese media reported on May 6th that the PS3 console is in development. The goal is to make new processor technology, called "grid" about 200x faster than current console technology. This is almost achieving their original goal of making the PS3 1000(!) times faster than the PS2. This goal was publically set by Mr Okamoto, the Senior VP and Chief Technical Officer of Sony Computer Entertainment, at the 2002 Game Developers Conference in San Jose, California.

why the fuck did someone just give me neg reps for this posted in may??? :censor:
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anjroo11688 said:
I cant wait until the new ps3 comes out, it's going to be so kick ass. Check out this link for more information. Click it
wow, it even come with Christmas lights.